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Andy Reid Post Game Press Conference

Watch Andy Reid talk after the Chiefs victory over the Bengals

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as injuries go, (Kona) Schwenke has a shoulder strain and Albert Wilson has an ankle sprain. We'll just see how bad they are tomorrow. There are a lot of good things and there are some things we need some work on. But we'll get those corrected. That's why we're doing the preseason here. Obviously, the turnovers ended in 21 points. You can't turn the football over – we know this – and win in the National Football League. In return, we had a couple pick-sixes by our defense, so we were able to kind of equal that out. We had some good plays, both offensively and defensively and special teams from young guys that will contribute this year and help us out. That was a positive. That's where we're at. The time's yours."

With Mike DeVito, what is his injury? "He actually broke a finger in his hand, which he should be ok. We should be able to splint it up and he should be able to work here in the next couple days. But for this game it wasn't going to work."/p>

How good was it to have Travis Kelce on the field after all this time?"It was good to have him back out there. He got quite a few snaps, and I thought he did a nice job out there. He showed a little speed at the end, I mean, heck, he was pulling away from secondary players there. That wasn't just a linebacker. I was impressed with that. He did some in-line blocking, some line-of-scrimmage blocking, which I thought he did a good job of."

Did Cairo Santos kick the way you expected him to under the lights and pressure of a game environment? "Cairo I thought did a good job. They just traded kicks back and forth and I thought both of them kicked it well. I joke about that it's like watching the World Cup before you hit the final 16 there, it seems to end in a tie every day."

Ryan seemed to have the edge on the kickoffs putting them out of the end zone and Cairo seemed a little short? "Actually we were trying to get where guys were returning the ball – I mean this sounds crazy, but this is the preseason – so we were trying to get where we could work our returning. Both of them can boom it out of the end zone, but we were trying to get it where we got some returns so we could work on that part of it."

Did De'Anthony Thomas' return show that he has strength to break a tackle, as well as the speed you hoped he had? "Yes. It was a pretty amazing play right at the catch there. And then he's pretty fast. If he gets out there, there are not going to be a whole lot of guys that can catch him. He can scoot pretty good."

Back to Cairo, he was not to kick them out because you wanted the coverage guys to have some plays?"Right."* *

Did Ryan Succop not listen to that?"He caught them good. The guys were returning them from in the end zone, so we got a little taste of all of it."

How much of the defense and special teams returns is picking up where you left off last season?"Turnovers are an important thing on defense. We want to score touchdowns on all three phases of the game. We were able to do a pretty nice job of that tonight. In the return, you have to cut back on some of the turnovers that we had on the other side. We'll get that straightened out."

What did you think of the first team offense?"It was okay. We can do better. The first series was a three-and-out, which I'm not real big on, so we can do a better job with that."

On the turnover, it looked like Eric Fisher got pushed back, does Alex Smith need to do a better job of protecting the ball?"Yeah, you have to secure the ball as a quarterback. It was a three step drop play, and you have to hold it forever, the quarterback has to hang onto it and go somewhere else."

What did you see from Malcolm Bronson?"He had the big interception touchdown, which I thought was good. He's not the biggest guy, but he's smart, he understands the game. You got to see what we've been seeing in training camp. I kind of liked what we saw right there. I'll look at the tape and see the rest of it, that's what Bob (Sutton) and Emmitt (Thomas) will do – they'll look at it and evaluate. But that was a pretty good play right there."

What did you think of the first team defense?"We knew coming in that they were going to call (penalties), and it's good for our defense – the corners – to see that, see what they can get away with, see what they can't. You get all that figured out in the preseason, they'll see the points of emphasis this year. They'll figure it out and we'll get it changed around."

What about Sean Smith?"Sean Smith did a nice job. The pick-six was a beautiful play. He played physical. He had the one penalty, but he had a huge play and that's a good thing. He's been working his tail off."

Is he working his way back to a starting role?"He's working his tail off."

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