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Andy Reid Post Game Press Conference

Andy Reid speaks after the Chiefs week four, Monday night match up against the Patriots

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as injuries go, Donnie Avery has a groin strain and we will just see how he does. Jamaal came out and got an IV during the game, went back in and then I pulled him out from there towards the end. (Knile) Davis did a nice job of stepping in for him. They really worked in tandem the whole game. It was a good thing. Really that's all we have as far as injuries go. The fans, they're phenomenal. 142.2 decibel levels, I never thought I would be fired up (for) decibel levels but I'm fired up for them. My ears are still ringing, I mean it was loud, loud down there. Like incredibly loud. I know that's going to carry right over to the Royals tomorrow, when they dominate tomorrow. I've got the ultimate respect for Bill Belichick and his football team as does our team. We know the quality not only the coach that he is and coaches that he has, but also of their players. Sometimes things get a little one sided in the National Football League, but he still has a very good football team. I think they will prove out with time. I'm very proud of my guys tonight for the effort they gave tonight against a good football team. We were able to get some takeaways today which I thought was huge. Bob (Sutton) had a phenomenal game plan, the players executed like clockwork. (Phillip) Gaines on special teams, Cairo (Santos) on special teams. Cairo's got his stroke down which is great, young guy working through a little bit of adversity. He did a nice job. Then Gaines on those coverages, he did a nice job there. I was proud of our offensive line who I thought was going against a good defensive line, and I thought they held up very well. Did a nice job there and played very aggressive. Tamba's (Hali) sack fumble, I thought, was one of the bigger plays of the game. I could through and through these players here, but they all did a tremendous job. We have tomorrow off, we'll get healed up here and get ready to go on Wednesday and get ourselves ready for San Francisco."

You talked about the tandem between (Knile) Davis and (Jamaal) Charles, this is really the first time you've used them together. What advantage is there to having two guys with those abilities?"Well it's a heck of a thing to be able to bring 25 off the bench as a relief pitcher. He's a pretty good player, so we were able to add them into the mix. Both of them together, they are both explosive players. They are completely different players, but they are both explosive players. And that makes my job easy, just give them the ball."

How does that make your job easier having two guys with their respective abilities? "You keep throwing fast balls at the defense. It allows you to have two fresh backs in the fourth quarter. Again, they do different things so you can do different things with each of them."

(Travis) Kelce and (Dwayne) Bowe especially, and Jamaal (Charles) when he was in the game, it seemed like you made a real effort to get those three guys involved. "We tried to spread it around as much as we could. We got Donnie (Avery) a couple too. I think against that defense I think that's important that you try to get as many different receivers into the mix and we were able to do that. We had some tight formations and some spread out formations that we used."

(Husain) Abdullah, we know his religion, was his penalty for praying? "When you go to Mecca you should have the privilege to slide anywhere you want to slide. We have two priests in here I think they will vouch for me."

What'd the ref say? Was that what it was for, pray? "It was for the slide."

You mentioned the Royals, big sports week in Kansas City all week. Three nationally televised events, is there an energy you can feel from that? "Yeah, how great is that. That's phenomenal, it's great for the city. It'll give people an opportunity to see our great city, and that's awesome. That's what it's all about. The Royals are at the end of their season, so they are reaping the rewards of a phenomenal season. They are going to do a great job there. We are just starting our season so we are watching, everybody is watching."

Is there a tangible thing that you can feel? "I think both teams support. We've had some of the Royals out at practice. We've gone over there, and we are so close here with the facilities. So yeah, we know each other and we support each other. I know a bunch of the Royals were here tonight and we appreciate that support too."

Opening week last time you guys were here, much different feel. You said you didn't do a good job calling plays. What's the night and day difference here? "Well, that was my responsibility. I'm the head football coach, so that was my responsibility on the first game. I am calling the plays and I didn't think I did a very good job, so that part hasn't changed. I think right now the coaches are putting together phenomenal game plans, calling the game is an easy thing, it's not the primary thing here. So it was in that first game, I can tell you that wasn't a very good job. These guys have all gathered around and are doing a heck of a job as players and coaches. A phenomenal job."

Talk about Alex's (Smith) ability to take care of the ball. Going back to the first game that was obviously a rough outing for him. It seems like he's got his old confidence back and his rhythm back. "That's been his trademark there, taking care of the football and being smart with it. He did that tonight against a very disciplined defense. His leadership is the thing that stands out most to me, the way he handles the whole team and the situation. He can turn chaotic situations into calm situations, which you need when you're out there. It's great to have him here."

There's no question that when you drafted (Travis) Kelce, you liked what you saw and obviously over these first four games, this guy has proven he's a part of this team that you can rely on."Yes, I didn't like him (John) Dorsey liked him. No I'm joking.  I've known him for a long time, Dorsey's known him for a long time with his brother being in the league.  You get familiar with the family, he's a heck of a player, he's just got to keep it coming.  He's a young guy so he's got to keep working and keep bringing it.  This is all new, every week's a new week for him because he didn't really play in essence he's a rookie.  I'm proud of the way he's playing.  He's gotten better in the run game too, and for a pass receiver that helps when you're using two tight ends."

Where did the decision for the red on red uniforms come from, was it the players? "The players asked Clark (Hunt) if they could do that, so he Ok'd it and that's where it came from." You were close in the first three games in getting your first takeaway, do you feel you got the monkey off your back getting three tonight including the pick six? "No, you have to keep going.  I'm proud of them for getting it, for getting the three tonight but we have to keep that coming, that's a big part to the game.  The whole giveaway, takeaway ratio, it's important that the offense doesn't turn the ball over, it's important that the defense creates takeaways so there's no complacency amongst the guys with just the three, they want to keep it coming."

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