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Andy Reid Post Game Press Conference

Andy Reid addresses the media following the Chiefs week eight match up against the Rams

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, we have a couple. (Jamell) Fleming and (Josh) Martin both pulled their hamstring. We'll have to see how they do tomorrow. I thought after the first drive that the Ram's put together then we stetted down defensively and played pretty good. Offensively, I thought we started out sloppy and then picked it up as it went. Things worked out good. The offensive line settled in and Jamal (Charles) did a good job. I thought (Eric) Fisher played well also he had his hands full today. I think Jeff Fisher has done a really good job, look at all the injuries and they still were able to get in there and compete. He has three or four rookies starting for him and on the defensive side they played their hearts out. He is a good coach. The return by special team to start the second half was a big momentum shifter which helped us out tremendously."

Can you talk about the development of Knile Davis at punt return?"Davis has done a great job all around. He has been given quite a handful to deal with given all the injuries. That position always gets hit the hardest, but Knile (Davis) is big, strong and fast. He hits it; you have to have someone back there like that. You can't have someone who is going to dance around. They have to see the hole and go get it and he's wired that way. It's a matter of him securing the football on the kicks; he's never done that before. He was overloaded with an abundance of returns during training camp and OTA's as we saw that he was improving so we decided to go with him."

Can you talk about Cairo Santos development? Is this the best he has been all season?"Those kickoffs, dang, and he's just a little shooter too. Maybe we need a holder all the time. He has been killing them. He's doing a nice job." How many of those 7.0 sacks were the defensive backfield? "I should have mentioned Justin (Houston), he had three of those. I thought our defense played great. They put pressure on them consistently and then Justin came up with 3.0 sacks. I thought all along the front played very aggressive. I thought Bob (Sutton) called a hell of a game, getting people in and out of there."

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