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Andy Reid Press Conference 10/29

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs begin to prepare for their week nine match up against the Jets

OPENING STATEMENT:"Injuries: Donnie Avery will be out, he will not practice today. He is making improvements, doing a good job. (Jamell) Fleming will not practice today, hamstring sprain. We'll just see it's a day to day situation. Josh Martin, likewise, hamstring strain and will not practice today. We will just see how he does. Everybody else is going to practice. We will ease Chris Owens back in and see how he feels. Eric Berry will practice. Alex Smith will practice, so everybody will go. Before we get rolling here too far, just recognition to American Indian Heritage month and the great work that is taking place today and this month is a phenomenal tribute and very important. We talked about the ability to educate, to honor and to raise awareness. Knile Davis being the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, which is a great tribute to him, (Dave) Toub and the guys that were blocking for him all the way around. And then the Royals, baby. Game seven, gosh darn it doesn't get any better than that. We are all pulling for them and wishing them the best of luck. With that, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Jets. And we don't look at records, we look at the players and the coaches. And they are good in both those areas. They are playing their hearts out, so we need to make sure we get ourselves right. Study the opponent and get ourselves right."

Q: Will Alex (Smith) do what he normally does in practice?

REID:"Yes, we will just see how we do, but that's the way he's looking at it now."

Q: When did you become aware he had an injury? Not until after the game or Monday?

REID:"We knew at halftime that he was sore. He landed on it right there that last play at halftime. But he felt good enough to play. Those kinds of things they tighten up on you a bit after the game. And so you get a bruise on your shoulder, those things happen."

Q: Did you dial anything back because you knew he was hurt?

REID:"No, he was loose and he stayed loose. He felt good. The doctors looked at him to make sure he wouldn't be in a position where there could be any further injury. He just landed on it funny. But he's ok today, he felt pretty good yesterday. We will see how he does today. That's what we can tell you there."

Q: What's Joe Mays' situation?

REID:"Joe is going to practice today. Limited role, we are just going to get him back in the swing of things. Again, we look forward to doing that. Start getting himself back into football shape there."

Q: Next Sunday a long shot then?

REID:"Yeah, Sunday would be a long shot. Probably won't happen Sunday."

Q: You get three weeks now to activate him, is that how it works?

REID:"Yeah. So our doctors told us it was time to start getting him back doing football things. But we are just going to take it nice and slow with him."

Q: Two years ago when you were evaluating guys for the draft, do you at all remember talking about return ability with Knile Davis?

REID:"No, that was really Dave's (Toub) idea after he saw him run around a bit and he had never done that before. We were looking for guys at that time that had some of the qualities that Dave looks for and Knile had those."

Q: You don't normally see guys that big that can do what he can do. What's the key for him with that kind of size to make good kick returns? 

REID: "I think with kick returns it's important you see it and you hit it. You're not dancing in the hole, you see daylight and hit that daylight and it hard and aggressive and he does that. He's blessed with great speed along with that size and very powerful, young man. He's taking great pride in this. It's not been an overnight thing for him. He's taking a mass amount of reps to be able to secure the football when it's kicked and be consistent with that and my hats off, nobody works harder than Knile. You guys know him. Nobody works harder at the game than what Knile does."

Q: The NFL is on pace for a record double-digit comebacks this year. Why do you think that is? Why are games so wide open all of a sudden?

REID: "Quarterbacks, I think. You go back to college and even in high schools, all the spread offense. Kids are throwing the ball and probably more so than ever in the history of the game I would imagine and so they get to this level and it gives you an opportunity if you're behind to score points relatively quick. I would probably think that without studying it. I probably could tell you that would have something to do with it."

Q: Is that a better thing?

REID: "Well it's exciting, if you're a defensive coordinator then probably not so good.  From an offensive standpoint, yeah that's pretty good."

Q: What makes Shelden Richardson disruptive?

REID: "Not only because he's a Missouri Tiger, right, but he's a heck of a football player and he brings great energy. He's got a big personality and he plays big and he's got great athletic ability."

Q: After facing a good defensive line against the Rams, do you see any similarities with the Jets?

REID: "Yeah, this defensive line, they're very, very good.  I mean, you're looking at one of the better defensive lines in the National Football League, really one of the best front sevens in the National Football League. They get after it now and they get after it and after it. 96 (Jets Muhammad Wilkerson) isn't a bad player either. He's pretty good."

Q: You keep talking about getting after it and getting after it. Is that your definition of a Rex (Ryan) defense?

REID: "Yeah and variety. Rex is going to throw a lot of pitches at you, a lot of different pitches and they're not going to be the same thing he threw last week or the week before or the week before and he'll do it at any time and any place. You've got to be ready for that."

Q: So it's not just fast balls? REID: "Change ups. He can give you anything. Yep."

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