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Andy Reid Press Conference 10/31

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs finish preparing to face the Jets in week nine

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, just real quick on the injuries. Donnie Avery, Jamell Flemming, Josh Martin and Chris Owens will be out. Chris Owens did practice, did some scout team stuff. Everybody else is up and ready to go and practiced and are healthy, which is obviously a positive thing. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Jets. We understand how talented they are and they are well coached. Our guys have had a good week of preparation in getting ready for them. It is a unique situation where two teams play both the same offense and the same defense and it should be a heck of a football game. Time's yours."  

Q: What will be Eric Berry's role?

REID:"Eric will play, and we'll just see how he does, see how he feels."

Q: He's a different player than your other guys that you've had in there all season. What does he add to the defense that maybe those other guys don't?

REID: "The other guys have done a nice job and Eric's getting back into the swing of things and we're glad he's back and available."

Q: Does that mean Eric starts?

REID: "Yeah, we'll see how it all works out."

Q: How does Marcus Cooper look these past couple of days?

REID: "He's done well. Everybody plays. They're all rolling in there and doing their things and everybody has a responsibility there."

Q: Will Marcus Cooper start?

REID: "I'm not going to get into all that. You can keep asking, but I'm not."

Q: You mentioned how these two teams basically play the same offense. You know those coaches over there well. Is it kind of more exciting this week if you can try to crack their code?

REID: "It is a challenge yeah. It's a challenge, and I'd imagine they'd say the same thing, but you go back and do your basic fundamental stuff and play and make sure you play good, emotional football."

Q: How much of the play calling do you think about – I call this, then Rex (Ryan) will call this?

REID: "You'll drive yourself crazy if you think about that. You just can't do that. You just call it and literally go play. If you do too much thinking, then the whole paralysis by analysis happens and you don't want that to take place. "

Q: With Joe Mays returning these last couple of days, how encouraged were you with what you saw? REID: "He moved around pretty good. It's just a matter of him getting his arms ready. His legs, that part is good. It's just getting that arm back to where, it's his wrist, but getting the forearm back where it's strong and can grab and do the things he needs to do to play. He moved around good, yeah."

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