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Andy Reid Press Conference 11/26

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs continue to prepare to face the Broncos on Sunday Night Football

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, the guys who will not practice today is Anthony Fasano, he's made progress, he's just going to sit out today.  Junior Hemingway with a concussion, and then (Kevin) Vickerson with a calf strain.  Everybody else will practice today.  As far as Eric Berry, Eric has left and is in Atlanta, he has proceeded with some tests.  We will keep you updated when we know what's going on and Ted (Crews) will handle that and if Rick (Burkholder) needs to get involved to keep you informed he will do that.  We don't have any information for you right now, they're just in the process of doing these things but when we get it you have our word that we'll go ahead and make sure that we update you with everything and keep you informed."

Q: How did it help that you got everybody back on the field today?

REID: "We just had the walkthrough, but they were good, they did a good job today and they're focused in on the Broncos.  We look forward to the challenge of playing them, they're a good football team and it should be an exciting atmosphere for the game."

Q: Does it help to have that focus there for you to kind of take your mind off of things?

REID: "Yea I think so.  I would go back to what Eric (Berry) said to the team, he said listen it's about the Broncos now and let's move on and I think the guys have taken that to heart and that's where they're at.  They're focused in and ready to go."

Q: Were you a part of the conversation when he first told everyone what he thought the problem was and he wanted to know first if he could play against the Broncos?

REID: "I wasn't in the room at that particular time but Rick (Burkholder) and the doctors talked to him, but he did ask that and he asked it to me again.  That wasn't an option."

Q: That was no surprise to you that he wanted to play.

REID: "No, nope, that's the way he's wired."

Q: What do you need to see from Jason Avant these next couple of days in order to gage if he's ready to play Sunday?

REID: "Well the advantage Jason (Avant) has is that he's been in the offense and he knows the majority of it.  He's got to get in there and knock out some of the new things and then he's in shape, he's been playing so it's just a matter of getting familiar with the quarterback and just going.  I don't think he'd have any problem playing this week."

Q: What about Donnie Avery, do you think he's got a reasonable shot?  

REID: "Yea, I think Donnie (Avery) has a pretty good shot."

Q: Have you felt that way since he's come back and started practicing, have you felt that optimistic?

REID: "I thought he was getting close last week, I didn't think he was quite there but I thought he was getting close and I think these couple extra days that he's had has helped.  He had good work on Monday and we'll see how he does today."   

Q: Can the same thing be said about Jamell Fleming?

REID:"Yes, yes absolutely yes."

Q: Will (Ron) Parker slide into Eric Berry's spot?

REID:"Pretty good chance he goes to safety, we don't want to tell anybody though."

Q: Will (Jamell) Fleming go to corner?

REID:"We have some options there, they'll all play.  We've got a lot of different personnel groups."

Q: Do you always have a walkthrough today or is it because of the weird week? REID:"No, this is always what we do. We do a walkthrough in the morning and in the afternoon we do the practice, there's no difference."

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