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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/10

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs begin to prepare to face the Raiders in Week 15

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as the injuries go, the guys that will not practice today are: (Anthony) Fasano, Tamba (Hali), Allen Bailey and then Jamaal (Charles) will not practice. Junior Hemingway passed all of his test, he will practice today. We will just see on the guys who aren't - they are making progress. Allen's thing is just being able to pass the test so he'll get that done. Fasano, Tamba and Charles, they went through the walk through portion, they will not practice this afternoon. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Raiders. We understand the rivalry with the AFC West, in particular these two teams. The Raiders are playing good football, we respect that. We are going to get ourselves ready to play a good football team."

Q: Are all three of those guys, Tamba, Fasano and Charles, are those all knee injuries?

REID:"Yes, knees and Charles has a little bit of an ankle."

Q: Will Charles play Sunday?

REID:"I think he will be ok, but has to go through treatment. We will just see. They are all day-to-day."

Q: What did you take away from your first match up against the Raiders?

REID:"Yeah we have to do a better job in some areas. I don't think any team has changed much in their schemes in three weeks. There are things you can take and we work through."

Q: After three losses in a row, how do you get back on a winning track?

REID:"Well, you come out and do the fundamentals in practice and go through the process each day of getting yourself better. We have to make sure we put the players in good positions and eliminate some mistakes and play better."

Q: You're asked a lot about your receivers not having a touchdown. How would you evaluate your receivers?

REID:"The touchdowns, other people are scoring them. I think we are ok there. They are making plays there. I think Dwayne Bowe has had a very good year. Even though he hasn't had a touchdown, he's had a very good year. Those things will come. I'm not that worried about them. We have touchdowns coming in other places."

Q: When you look at the first game against the Raiders and their ability to run the ball. Did you guys just lose the battle at the line of scrimmage or was there some scheme you guys can change?

REID:"There are always things you can work in. You're not going to give a team the same exact look. You've got to mix things up. But then fundamentally we have to do some things there too. It's a combination of things."

Q: You talked a lot on finishing at the beginning of the season. How important is it to focus on those things and about that now late in the year."

REID:"Yeah finishing is a big part of it. The players talking about themselves. We mention it as coaches. There's nobody that knows better than the coach and the player. We've got to do a better job. We know that and so that's where we are putting our effort."

Q: Have you talked to Eric Berry now that the diagnosis has been made?

REID: "Yeah. We know he's going to attack this. He's got great doctor. He's a good relationship with the doctor which I think is big. He has a lot of trust in them and they spend some hours together here over the last week or two here getting to know each other and then he'll jump into his treatment. One thing that Eric is he's physically fit. Listen, if you've got to have one of these things, this one there is a high cure rate. We know Eric is going to handle this thing the best that he can and Dr. Flowers will do the same thing. They'll get after it."  

Q: It seems like your defense gets a lot of chances at takeaways, especially interceptions, but doesn't get that many. Is there a reason why?

REID: "We have to take advantage of those. We've had a few in our hands sometimes you can press and you almost try too hard and you end up not making the play. You've got to relax and focus in on the ball and squeeze it, make sure if there's a fumble that you've got bodies around that, right? I mean those are base fundamental things and we'll keep working that. Normally when you get one then you get another one and then they kind of build on each other, but we've got to get that first one and kind of get this thing started here."

Q: If Jamaal is unable to go, how do you feel about Knile Davis?

REID: "I'm comfortable with Knile. We feel very good bout Knile. He's a good football player. No reason not to."

Q: What's been your assessment of how Mike McGlynn these past few weeks?

REID: "First of all Mike's been banged up a little bit. So, he's kind of fighting through all of that stuff. He hasn't played as well as he wanted to play, but he's a battler and he gives you that attitude and will fight and do all that stuff. We've got to get him healthy. As much as you can be healthy at this time of the year anyway."

Q: Is Laurent Duvernay-Tardif possibly an option?

REID: "Probably not. No. Not right now, but we've got other guys that can also work in."

Q: Why has Knile been so limited the last couple of games?

REID: "Some of it is the way drives have gone. We haven't really put together drives. That's something we need to do a better job at. That's normally where he gets in and he has his plays and he rolls at it."

Q: Three straight weeks that no-name running backs having success and the run defense not.

REID: "Yeah we haven't done well there."

Q: What do you attribute that to and how is it being corrected? REID: "Some of its scheme and we have to do a better job at some things there and some of it is the fits that we're doing up front and linebackers playing downhill football and then tackling. I thought we did a little better job on the tackling part, but we've got to take care of those seams. It doesn't take much for an NFL running back to hit a seam. You've got to narrow those things and make sure that you can free up your hands then make the tackle."

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