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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/22

Andy Reid addresses the media following the Chiefs loss to the Steelers in Week 16

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, Dwayne Bowe has a shoulder sprain, it's a bit tender today. Zach Fulton has a foot strain and he is limping around a little bit. Phillip Gaines, I mentioned he had an illness, flu-type symptoms and still doesn't feel very good, we'll just see how he does. Josh Martin hurt his hand, it's not broken, but he has a contusion in his hand there. As far as the game goes yesterday, I felt it was two good teams playing each other; we obviously came up on the short end of it. There were some positives in the mix there of the game. Positive plays on both sides of the ball and special teams. Again, when you have two good teams playing each other, it comes down to just a few things – red zone being one of them, being 0-4 in the red zone wasn't good enough. The turnover, there was one turnover in the game that ended up costing us seven points after that turnover, those things get magnified in a game like this. You look at the third down differential, the time of possession and those types of things – they're fairly equal or we were on the positive side of it. There are some things we can take out of it and become a better football team. The other positive is that we're still in the hunt. There is obviously a lot of hard work that goes into a season and you hope you're one of the teams at the end there that has an opportunity. Even though we need help now, we're right in position there to take care of business. We have to make sure we do our part and get ourselves ready for San Diego. It'll be a great weekend at Arrowhead, it's Fan Appreciation Day. It gives us an opportunity to give back to our fans for their loyalty. We love seeing that stadium full of red and giving these teams an opportunity to come in there and play against that. There are some things that we can hold our head up here, continue to work hard and go through the preparation that you do for a game – that is to study your opponent and make sure you go out and practice and practice aggressively and do those things you need to do to play against a good football team.  Time's yours."

Q: Was there some commonality in your red zone struggles, did you see a pattern there?

REID:"The simple part is we weren't efficient, we weren't getting the things accomplished that we needed to for one reason or another. The reasons weren't the same. That's my responsibility, to make sure I'm dialing up the right things so we can get ourselves in there. We were pretty good with the run game and positive on that. There were a couple of runs we had down there that weren't as positive yardage as they normally are. Our pass game, we were off just a hair there. We have to make sure we dial up better plays there and execute them better."

Q: Is it too early to tell about (Dwayne) Bowe's status for Sunday?

REID:"I think (he probably will go). Knowing Dwayne, he doesn't miss much. I think he'll be ok once it's all said and done here. We have a little different schedule because of Christmas, so we'll practice tomorrow. It'll be a stretch for him to be able to do that tomorrow. I think, as the week goes on, he'll be there."

Q: Talk about your general feelings about your playoff possibilities right now?

REID:"Like I said, you're sitting here at the end of a long season with an opportunity. We need help now. Not only do we need to take care of business this weekend, but we need some other people to do the same thing for us to get in. If you get in, then anything goes, you've seen that year-in and year-out for many years here. When teams get in the playoffs, you can throw the records out and you go play. We have to take care of business here first this week. We have a good San Diego team coming in here, we have to prep ourselves and make sure we go through that whole process here so we're ready to go." 

Q: What did you think about Alex Smith's performance in Pittsburgh?

REID:"I thought Alex did some good things, he had a lot of quality plays I thought. But he would be the first one to sit up here and tell you that we've all got to do better and it's not about one guy it's about everybody. I would tell you, he played a pretty good football game."

Q: How much of getting the six and not the three in the red zone rests on his shoulders as the quarterback?

REID:"We all had a piece of that. We've all got a responsibility to get it down there, and I've got a responsibility to make sure I am dialing the right things up for him though. The pass game, he's got people there and if he does then he's got to make the throw and people have to catch the ball, that's how it works. We've all got a little piece of it."

Q: What's your assessment of Bob Sutton's game plan against Pittsburgh?

REID:"Well you are talking about the number once offense in the National Football League and they were leading the league in time of possession and all these categories, they were very important categories, they were right up at the top. I thought we did a good job there and that Bob's plan was very good. They've got a good runner and we held that runner to minimum yards, they've got a good quarterback he was under 300 yards. One receiver, he got going there a little bit towards the end there. The turnover thing, Bob would say something about that, he would say something about getting off the field maybe a little bit sooner but I thought that over all it was a pretty good game plan."

Q: What do you hope your offense learns from the fourth and inches play?

REID:"There are some things there that obviously the tendency is leaning in your direction as far as coming out on the positive end of that. I'm always going to stay aggressive within reason and I thought that was in reason. I have so much trust in my guys and in my offensive line and my runners, and everybody there and that's how we are going to roll. I like touchdowns and not field goals and we were in a position where we had enough time and opportunities to take shots in the end zone to score a touchdown, the guys understand that and they understand how I'm wired as a play caller and the trust that I have, and that is the most important and that will pay off for us down the road."

Q: What happened on the 4th and 1? Did Pittsburgh make a play on that or did you miss someone?

REID:"Yeah, we probably missed the guy that made the tackle. That was what we thought they were going to play and they ended up pinching a guy and one of the lineman tripped. Those things happen. That's the human element of it. When that happens normally bad things happen so that's what happened."

Q: Have you ever had a playoff run where you weren't roaring towards the end of the season and then once you got in, you made things happen?

REID:"Yeah, I was just telling Ted (Crews) before we came down. I don't remember the year, I was there too many years, but it was at Philadelphia and I remember sitting in the locker room there before the game and we needed somebody to lose that was a pretty good team and they were playing a team that didn't have the best record at that time. And they had it on the scoreboard out in the stadium before the game and I heard the place kind of erupt before we went out and that put it back in our hands to make sure we had to take care of business and then we went on and did pretty good. I don't remember the year; you can probably look that up. So I have had those experiences to answer your question. And you see that over the history here, you just take recent history you see that teams get in that had to really fight and claw like crazy to get in and then good things happen. Anything is possible."

Q: How do you think the offensive line has performed late in the year after having to piece things together at the beginning of the season?

REID:"Well, we have. We've had some injuries and so on there and over the time, nobody has made excuses. Guys have come in, they battle you. It's not always pretty. That's not what it is, but they claw and scratch and get the most out of their abilities and that is how they roll. Some games have been better than others but it is not from a lack of effort or toughness or any of that. They are going to give you everything they've got."

Q: What has Albert Wilson brought to the offense over these last few games?

REID:"Well, he's a good young player, good route runner, he's got good strength; even though he's not really tall, he's got really good strength and quickness. And then you see him after the catch and he was a good punt returner and kick returner in college, and you see that. You see his ability to kind of work in space and set up his moves. I think he is just a good football player is what he is, all the way around."

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