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Andy Reid Press Conference 12/23

Andy Reid addresses the media as the Chiefs begin to prepare to face the Chargers in Week 17

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, on the injury front the people that will not practice today, Anthony Fasano with a knee contusion, Dwayne Bowe has a shoulder sprain and Zach Fulton with a foot strain. Those players will not (practice), everyone (else) will go out today and do it. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Chargers. We understand the significance of the game for both teams. Our guys will have a good week of practice. We'll get started today and make sure we focus in and detail our work here. Time's yours. "

Q:Andy, does Bob Sutton get enough credit for what he has been able to do with that defense this year?

REID:"Well, I don't read the paper so I can't tell you, but I know from my standpoint he's got good players and he puts them in good positions and they play hard aggressive football. So he is well appreciated in this building."

Q:With all those injuries he's had on defense, how have they been able to do what they have on defense and not allow a 30 point score yet this year even?

REID:"He has had some guys step up for the guys that were injured. As I mentioned before (Josh) Mauga having had been in the defense I think helped him be able to adjust as quick as he did and get to start in there. I think everyone just picked their game up, is what I think really happened. And Bob has taken their talents and utilized their talents and put them in good positions and they have responded."

Q:You obviously have to win your game but is it any type of distraction or difficulty when the things that you have to have happen to make the playoffs, are happening simultaneously with your game?

REID: "I'll tell you just the same thing I told the team, you can't worry about all that. Some of us have been through it where we had to have those things happen, and sometimes they happen and sometimes they don't. But you can't control any of it. The one thing you can control is your preparation for this game and how you play on Sunday. So that's where you put all your energy and don't worry about the things you can't control."

Q:What did you think in looking at what the Chargers did against the 49ers and how they came back in that game, what did you see there? Were you surprised at all that they were able to come back in that fashion?

REID:"Well we knew coming into our first game, from the year before against the Chargers, you have got to play four quarters when you play against Philip (Rivers), they are never out of the game. We learned that last year when they came back and tied us up in that second game. You have to come in with that frame of mind that you are going to play all four quarters and play good football."

Q:If Fulton can't go, what kind of changes does that mean for the offensive line?  

REID:"I think he is going to be able to go when it is all said and done."

Q:Justin needs only two more sacks to tie Derrick (Thomas) is that even more remarkable given that sacks are down league wide?

REID:"Yeah, they are down league wide, I know that was written about a lot last week. He's well deserving of this by effort and how much time he spends at it. You guys aren't out there after practice but he stays out another half hour after practice just working different moves and the pass game. Him and Tamba (Hali) anytime the offense is up, the one offense is up and they are on the sideline working all their hand games. The two and a half hours that he's out there, he's out there practicing his trade. So you respect that. The end result is this, I mean that's what people see but there's a ton of hours that went into those sacks. We are all pulling for him that he can finish up. I know that's not the most important thing for him, he wants to win the game. But at the same time, he sure has done a nice job with it."

Q: How much better is your team with Jeff Allen healthy all year?

REID:"Well, Jeff (Allen) is a good player. At the same time, I don't want to take anything away from the guys who are playing right now. They did the same thing we talked about when there were injuries on the defensive side. Some of the offensive guys have stepped up and done a nice job. I mentioned before, even with Jeff, it's not always pretty but they will battle you. The end result normally is a positive."

Q: You seemed pretty optimistic that Bowe would play on Sunday, do you still feel that way?

REID:"I do, yeah. I think he will. I just know his makeup, he hates to miss anything. I mean he's one of those guys who comes out if he's a little nicked up and goes about it. During the walk through he was walking around and making sure he was in his position and doing all that. He's in that frame of mind where he wants to make sure he's out there."

Q: For a guy who didn't practice last week, how did he handle his assignments?

REID:"I thought he did a decent job. Every game you're going to come back with a couple plays that you wish you had back. But, I thought, for the most part he did a nice job."

Q: I hate to refer to Christmas as a distraction, but to have a holiday in the middle of a huge week for you guys with so much at stake and the help that you need and all. How do you handle that with the team?

REID: "Well you set a schedule and then you get busy. We won't let that be a distraction at all. You go about your business and make sure you take care of things. It's also Christmas in California, and we know that."

Q:For you and your players there is so much going on to fully enjoy* *the holiday?

REID:"That part of it you are probably right there. You don't get the full Christmas month, to go look at lights and all those things, that's not what we're doing. That's just part of it, we enjoy what we are doing, so at least from a coach's stand point you give that part up."

Q:Do you put up Christmas lights at your house?

REID:"My wife does a great job with all of that."

Q:When your team won seven out of eight games, their attention was so good, during this time when it hasn't gone so well, you're getting a lot of guys on your team who haven't played as much football. Do you think that maybe there has been any physical or mental slippage? REID:"I came out of that game, and one, I thought we played hard and aggressive football this past game. You have got to take care of business in the red zone, you have to win the turnover battle and that is what it really came down to. Two good teams are playing each other and if you get off a hair with that, then you are not going to come out on the right end of the stick there. The attention to detail, I haven't felt that that hasn't been there; I haven't felt that the effort of these guys slip. These guys come to work, that's one thing that they have always done, and they come to work, to work. You don't have to continuously tell them 'let's go, let's go' that's not where you are at with this team."

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