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Andy Reid Press Conference

Hear from Head Coach Andy Reid following today's practice.

OPENING STATEMENT: "A.J. Jenkins didn't practice today, neither did Eric Kush. You have the concussion with A.J.; he is actually doing very well. And then Kush with the shoulder, he's getting better. I think they'll both be ready for Tennessee. Dorse (John Dorsey) already talked to you about the personnel part of it, but it's great to have our team together here and have an opportunity the last couple of days to work with them. And we know we've got a big challenge ahead with Tennessee and we look forward to that preparation for that starting on Wednesday. Players will be off tomorrow and they will be back in ready to go. The time is yours."

Q: It looks like Santos won the penalty kick battle (kicking competition)? Can you talk about what went into that?

REID: "Now listen, (Ryan) Succop, he's been a phenomenal player here, so it was a competition that really came down to the two of them. Santos beat him by a hair and so we went that direction with it, we could've gone either way. He's going to hook on with somebody and kick in this league for a long time."

Q: So what do you think about going with a rookie? You did in Philadelphia with Alex Henery.

REID: "I did. And then I had (David) Akers before that. I actually kept two kickers his rookie year. But listen he didn't flinch during that competition and so you've got to give the kid credit for that. Now he's got to take care of business in the real games, not the preseason, but the real games here, and we have confidence that he'll do that."

Q: Are you counting on Mike McGlynn for that left guard spot?

REID: "Yeah, Mike has a lot of experience in this league, he knows the offense. He was with me in Philadelphia for a few years there. He can play both guard and center for you which ups his value there. He's a good football player, and he got a little work in the other night in Green Bay and did a nice job."

Q: How does it feel for you to have the Alex Smith extension taken care of?

REID: "I'm proud of Dorse and his crew and Tom and their crew just getting it done. It allows us to have a heck of a football player here and person – good leader in the locker room. All of the players were fired up for him. Sometimes you don't see that on teams. Guy does a big deal and you have jealousies here and there, but that's not the way this crew was. We're excited for him and now he just gets to go out and play football again and not worry about all of that."

Q: How is it keeping four quarterbacks now with Tyler Bray moving to IR?

REID: "Yeah, Tyler we've got to get him back healthy. He's got a high ankle sprain there so we've got to get him back off of that. It's great to be able to keep all of them, they all did a good job this camp so we're fortunate."

Q: When did Tyler Bray get hurt? On the sack?

REID: "I believe it was. To be honest with you, I didn't go back and really analyze it, but he was complaining about it on the sideline there."

Q: What about Kelcie McCray is standing out to you?

REID: "Kelcie's a good special teams player. He's also a young, good safety. The reps that he's had, he's done a nice job with. Very physical and he's got great size."

Q: How comfortable is he with the system?

REID: "Yeah, I mean he's learning. He's kind of like the guys we brought in last year. Coop (Marcus Cooper), (Ron) Parker and those guys. So, he's getting used to it and learning as we go. On the run as they say, right?"

Q: What are you going to do with five halfbacks?

REID: "Use them."

Q: One guy plays a lot. What are you going to do with the other four?

REID: "Yeah, well, listen. What you do, you want to keep the best players. We felt out of the group that we had, this is Dorse and how he operates, which is the right way to do things, you keep the guys that you feel are the best 53 or however many or whatever number you put on it, you keep those guys. We felt that the four of them were that and you know we roll from there."

Q: Were you eager to get Joe McKnight rolling a little bit there after his injuries in the first part of camp?

REID: "I was. He's a good football player, just had a setback there with his leg, his knee and we feel like he was just coming around and getting through the camp leg phase of it. Actually the Green Bay game was probably the first sign of it we had that he felt better. But we know how talented he is, he's a good kickoff return guy. He's actually played nickel for Bob (Sutton) with the Jets on the defensive side and then he's a good running back so he's got a lot of skill level."

Q: I know it's early but will McKnight be active against Tennessee?

REID: "I haven't gotten quite that far. We will have to see how all that goes."

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