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Andy Reid Press Conference

Andy Reid talks with media after practice



OPENING STATEMENT: **"As far as injuries go, De'Anthony (Thomas) didn't practice today. Everyone else practiced.  De'Anthony did run on the treadmill and actually ran pretty fast on it, so he's making progress. It'll be a stretch for the game. We'll just see how he does. We'll give you all the updates later when we need to turn these things in as far as that goes. Coop (Marcus Cooper) came out and practiced today. Kush practiced today. They were able to get some reps in and we'll see how they do after they get back in there. We look forward to playing the Titans. We know they're a good football team. The guys have had a good week of preparation. Again, we know it's a great challenge, and we're excited to have the opportunity to play them. The time's yours."

Q:What have you seen from Zach Fulton?

REID:"Zach is a big kid, smart, tough, has a good feel for the game."

Q: If De'Anthony can't go, who's the next man up on punt return?

*REID: *"Frankie's (Hammond Jr.) been doing it. He did it in preseason and he's been doing it out here. We've got a couple of guys, but that's who would be the next man up."

Q: How does your offensive system lend itself to help the offensive line?

REID: "I don't not put emphasis that you've got to play well up front. Our guys know that. They'll always rise to the challenge and they've got a good test this week. I don't know if it's the system or what, but it's all part of it that they've got to be the foundation of the offense."

Q: What are your thoughts on how Jeff Allen has taken to right tackle over the last two weeks?

REID: "People will tell you when he came out that was his natural position. Then we put him at guard, but he was good at guard. He's doing well at tackle. I think he's looking forward to testing it out here in the regular season."

Q:A year ago, if my memory is as good as I hope it is, you were talking before Jacksonville about how you were happy with the effort and intensity that they played with, but you weren't real sure about what you were going to see. Are you sure this time with what you will see?

REID:"I know I'll see great effort. This crew here, they play hard and they are tough kids. Like every team they've got to come together through games. And that's the only way they've done that through training camp. There's a certain unity that you feel and that has to happen through games, where you have good times and bad times in a game. You have to stay consistent through the good and work through the bad ones. I look forward to seeing that."

Q:Do you expect defensive holding and contact penalties to keep going through the season?

REID:"Well, we saw a few last night. It looks like they are still going to call them."

Q:A lot of things going on in the community with Red Friday, what are your thoughts on Chiefs fans in general? REID:"Yeah, I should have mentioned that in the beginning. Red Friday is unbelievable. The community is fired up for the Chiefs and the Chiefs are fired up for the community. It has always been a good relationship between the two in Kansas City. We, I'm talking now for the coaches, and I know Clark has mentioned this, but we as coaches and players appreciate the support in which the community gives  us."

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