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Andy Reid Press Conference 9/10

Andy Reid speaks with the media before practice


REID:"Alright. On the injury front, Jeff Allen will not practice today; he's got the elbow strain. Tamba (Hali) has a sore ankle sprain so he's going to go do some things. De'Anthony (Thomas) will not practice today, but he's getting better. We look forward to this week against the Broncos. We know they're a good football team. Our guys are looking forward to that challenge. We've brought some new people in here, and we'll see how they do incorporating them to the defensive side of the football and we'll just see. We'll see. I can't tell you playtime. I don't know all that yet. We've got to give them a couple of practices here and get it under their belt. We look forward to the new additions. The time's yours."

Q: With the Ray Rice thing being very big recently, you were involved in Philadelphia with bringing Michael Vick in, what made you decide you were good with bringing in someone who's been in trouble like that?

REID: "Yeah, well listen. I'm focusing in on the Denver Broncos and not the Ray Rice situation right this minute, but we've talked to the team about it and addressed it there which is important. As far as Michael's situation, it was a bit of a different situation. However I felt that as long as they go through the repentance process and do those things that are needed there, there are certain cases people should be given a second chance. That's what America is. As long as they learn from the situation."

Q: If something occurs here will you have your own team policy?

REID: "Now listen, I can't get into all of that. Let's just move on to the Denver Broncos."

Q: Who takes over on calling the plays in the middle between Josh Mauga and James-Michael Johnson with Derrick Johnson being out?

REID: "Yeah, well, they both do it, they both have done it and they'll both have certain responsibilities of who calls. I'm not sure if Bob's (Sutton) made that decision on who he green dots yet."

Q: Dwayne Bowe's back and he will do what he normally does?

REID: "He is. Yeah, we'll ease him back in. Just make sure he gets back into the swing of things. He really hasn't done much for a few weeks. Remember, he had the quad there before his suspension."

Q: Do you plan on him playing a full role this weekend?

REID: "Yeah, I believe he will. Yeah."

Q: He's getting to be that age where guys in this position tend to lose their skills. What have you seen, if anything from him that would indicate that he's still got it? 

REID: "I'll tell you, he had a great training camp and preseason. I haven't seen anything there. I liked what I saw there and he came back in great shape, and I expect that he'll have a real good year."

Q: Has his hand issue resolved itself?

REID: "Yeah, he did. He had a finger that he messed up pretty good there, but he's doing good now. He's back and ready to roll."

Q: How much more can you do in the offense with him?

REID:"Frankie (Hammond Jr.) did a nice job for what we asked him to do in the game. Dwayne has been a big part of the offenses here since he's been here and he was with us last year, he's an important part of that. He's somebody the quarterback has a lot of trust in and a lot of reps with. He's got a high skill level. He's always got a pretty good chunk of our offense for every game."

Q: Does it make Alex Smith feel more at ease having him in the line up?

REID:"As a quarterback you like to have your guys there, the guys in particular that you've had your reps with. They've seen all the looks that you can see and they've developed that relationship and trust factor."

Q: What did you like about Kevin Vickerson bringing him in here? Obviously he's familiar with Denver. 

REID:"He was somebody we were very concerned about last year when we played them. I told him when he got hurt I felt bad for him, but I can't tell you I was the saddest guy in the world because he's a pretty substantial load there and a good football player. We welcome him in. He's coming off an injury that he had and went through training camp and did his thing there. And now he has an opportunity as a seasoned veteran to come in here and help this football team."

Q: On Monday you mentioned the run defense needs to get stronger, in particular is it disciplined?

REID:"I thought we played real good defense the first half and then things got away from us a bit as the game went on. I thought, for the most part, that first half was good quality football. I thought the offensive side had to pick up the pace there. The defense I thought played good football, we just have to maintain that through the game."

Q: How much of the run game was losing Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito?

REID:"The other guys haven't had as many reps, there might be a little bit of that. I hate to get into that because it sounds like you're belly aching up here and that's not what we do. The next guy we expect to come in and play but there was obviously something that took place there without those two in there."

Q: Just to leverage talking with your players about the Ray Rice thing. Do these guys need to be reminded? They know right from wrong. What's your message to them?

REID:"I would say we are just a microcosmic society. We have the same issues here that you have in the world. Constant reminders are important, I think, on a lot of things and for all of us."

Q: Any particular reason Jerry Franklin went off the practice squad instead of Nico Johnson?

REID:"Listen, Nico is a good football player but (Frank) Zombo's also been working at the mike linebacker and the other kid is a real good special teams player."

Q: What kind of challenge do you have as a coach not only playing at Denver but also with the injuries that happened on Sunday?

REID:"With this football team, the way they're wired, I don't really worry about the latter part of that question. It's always a challenge to play in Denver, we understand that and we are up for it. We'll prepare ourselves and get ourselves right. And go up there and play our best football."

Q: What do you say to the young players about Peyton Manning? They haven't seen him and all the things he does. How do you prepare a young player for him?

REID:"You've have to study him. And he's going to complete a pass or two, that's what he does so you don't get down on that, you get on with the next play."

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