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Andy Reid Press Conference 9/12

Head Coach Andy Reid speaks to the media after practice


OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright let's talk injuries here. Jeff Allen is having surgery today on his elbow, his bicep tendon, and so he'll be most likely out for the season. We'll just see. He's not listed as out for the season yet. He is out for this game though. De'Anthony Thomas, we will list as out for this game. He is making progress in the right direction, and we'll see how he is for next week.  DJ (Derrick Johnson) had surgery on his Achilles. It all went well, that was on Wednesday. Yesterday, (Mike) DeVito had surgery on his Achilles and everything went well there. So, they'll rehab and get them back for next year. We look forward to playing the Denver Broncos. They're a good football team. We know that. Our guys have had a good week at practice out here. They've worked their tails off, and they're looking forward to the challenge of playing a good football team. The time's yours."

Q:To have this many injuries this early, how difficult is that?

REID: "Listen, things happen in this business and you know that. The next guy steps in and they do their job and they do it to the best of their ability and that's what you ask of them."

Q: Speaking of injuries how is Mike Catapano?

REID: "Yeah. We don't have anything for you on that. They're still doing research on that, and we'll see how things go down the road."

Q: Have you ever seen anything like him, whatever it is? It seems rare.

REID: "Well, no. It's a concern obviously. Our docs are on top of it. He's had some specialists look at him. They are on top of it. There's no conclusion that's been said, but they're working on stuff there. They are in communication and my thing is I always care for the player and you want the best for them at this point. We'll just see how things work out."

Q: Is Mike in good spirits? Have you talked to him?

REID: "Rick did yesterday or John Dorsey did yesterday and yeah. He just wants to make sure he's okay. That's the main thing."

Q: Is there any correlation with this? There's no flu-like systems. It's just hard to describe.

REID: "Well I'm not sure that I know how to describe it either right now. We would have to get something from the doctors to tell you that. I'm not exactly in that position."

Q: What's the short-term plan on replacing Jeff Allen?

REID: "Well, (Ryan) Harris moves out to the tackle spot."

Q: What does Harris bring? Can you evaluate him?

REID: "He showed well in camp. He had a good camp. That's what I can tell you. He's got a little bit of experience. You put him in, you let him go. He understands the offense. He's a tough kid and smart and you let him play."

Q: Is Tamba Hali 100%?

REID: "He's doing well. Tamba's doing well. We rested him up a bit this week. Cut his reps back so he could, he had a sore ankle. He's in a good place right now."

Q: There are a couple of reports out there that the Chiefs signed Jamell Fleming. Is he taking Jeff Allen's place? REID: "I don't know anything about that right now. Maybe when I get off the field here, I'll know more. Right now I don't have any information for you on that."

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