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Andy Reid Press Conference 9/19

Andy Reid speaks with the media after practice.

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, as far as the injuries go, Eric Berry and De'Anthony Thomas are going to be listed as out. Jamaal went through practice today and what we're going to do here before we give you any update on it is we're going to see how he did on it today and how he feels after this practice, but he did practice and he moved around and did a decent job. So, we'll see how it all works out. Listen, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Dolphins. We know they're a good football team. We saw what they did with the Patriots there and so we look forward to that and that opportunity to get to play again against a good football team and the guys have had a good week of preparation and we'll get ready to go tomorrow. Tomorrow's a little bit of an earlier day. We'll get up and we'll hop on that plane and go down and get ourselves ready to go. The time's yours."

Q: Did Jamaal look, for lack of a better term, normal to you out there?

REID: "Yeah, he did okay. Yeah he looked a little sore, but he did okay, you know. He worked a little bit yesterday, but he loosened up and he kind of went as it went. We'll just see how he does."

Q: Have you ever seen anyone return from a high ankle sprain in a week?

REID: "Well, I actually have. Yeah, I saw someone return from a surgery actually on an ankle once and did pretty good."

Q: Can you say who it was?

REID: "Well, I'll tell you it was in a Super Bowl. So, that can limit it for you. You can figure it out from there. "

Q: Terrell Owens?

REID: "Well, you can figure it out."

Q: Did De'Anthony just re-pull, reinjure the strain?

RIED: "Yeah, it's not really, he didn't pull it. It's fatigued and so we just backed off and said we'll go from there. He didn't reinjure, it's just more precautionary. Let's get it settled down, not do anything that re-hurts it."

Q: What's the worst case scenario for him?

REID: "Who is this now?"

Q: De'Anthony. Is this a play it safe rather than be sorry?

REID: "Yeah, you don't want to set back. He's already waited here a couple of weeks. You don't want to take any setbacks. That's just a judgment call. You go off of how the player feels and what you see and your experience with him."

Q: Is Eric Berry's ankle more severe than Jamaal's?

REID:"He can't practice, it hurts right now so that's why he's not practicing. Jamaal felt good and he wanted to come out and try it yesterday. We limited him yesterday, then he did some work today. He did some work with the ones and did some work on the scout team too. I'm just going to evaluate, just see how he feels and let the docs make a decision and let the trainers make a decision from there.  We appreciate his effort he came in and he's pushed through this thing. We'll make the decision after that."

Q: Is this the first time Ron Parker has gotten a full week of practice at safety?

REID:"Yes, he did a nice job out here."

Q: You don't know how you're going to list (Jamaal) Charles on the injury list yet?

REID:"We'll get that to you. I want to see how he's really doing here. Get a better feel on it. If he can't go, he can't go. Other guys have practiced so I've got that too. I want to make sure we give you the right thing here."

Q: How do you feel the guys have prepared here after a couple losses?

REID:"They came out and they worked hard. Credit to them that they've put in the time and the effort and they've stayed up beat with a positive attitude."

Q: When did you start working Ron Parker during practice at safety?

REID:"He's kind of done a little bit even back in OTAs. He's been in a dime type package the whole time so he's had the experience back there from that. But actually in there, this would be the first week he's done that, the whole thing."

Q: How related is Eric's ankle injury to his tendonitis?

REID:"I don't think they're related. I think two separate deals."

Q: Had you scored at the end of the game in Denver, what were you going to do?

REID:"Well, before I called you I was going to go for two."

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