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Andy Reid Press Conference 9/27

Head Coach Andy Reid speaks with the media following practice as the Chiefs prepare for Monday Night Football against the Patriots

OPENING STATEMENT:"Injuries: Eric Berry will be listed as out as Joe McKnight will be listed as out. Everybody else practiced and did a nice job. We look forward to the challenge of playing the Patriots, good football team coming in here. These guys practiced hard this week and are looking forward to that opportunity to play on Monday night."

Q: How will you list Jamaal Charles for the game Monday?

REID:"We will put that out this afternoon. He did everything though, Rick will go in there and reexamine him and then we will give it to you."

Q: Same for De'Anthony Thomas?

REID:"Yeah, De'Anthony did all of his stuff out here so we will see how he does. Probably more optimistic about Jamaal (Charles) than him."

Q: What do you like about Tom Brady?

REID:"He's time tested. He's been doing this a long time and he's been consistent throughout his career and won a lot of football games. I think he's a smart guy on top of all that."

Q: You mentioned consistent, there's 343 combined wins between you and Coach Belichick on Monday night. How have you been able to sustain that?

REID:"I'm lucky that I've been around good people, two good organizations and a ton of good people. I'm sure Bill would ditto this - you can't do this alone, for sure. And I think we both understand that."

Q: What was Knile Davis' blocking level at when he first got here? His schemes at Arkansas weren't as complicated.

REID:"He wasn't asked to catch the ball quiet as much as what he's doing here or protect like he's doing here. Those are all things he's worked hard on. I think we all knew he could run the football and do that, from college. Just a matter of learning the system and you guys have gotten to know him; he's so diligent and matter of fact about everything he does. You are always pulling for him to do what he did the other day because he works so hard."

Q: How do you see him as a runner? It seems like he's always going up field. Particularly his vision as a runner, does he see holes better than he did last year?

REID:"Yeah, I think it slowed down for him. That's one of the big things. When you first get into it everything is moving fast and you might miss a read here or there. But with reps, things kind of slow down and with age you kind of figure it all out."

Q: How much relief is it to finally know what is wrong with Mike Catapano?

REID:"Yeah, that's good. Listen, we're all pulling for him. He's a good kid, and it's just a matter of getting it all sorted out and I know Rick (Burkholder) talked to you about it, but we're glad he's back again and working out and getting himself back to what he loves doing—that's playing football."

Q: It seems like with the gastro-thing the symptoms blurred together. Isn't that what made it complicated?

REID: "Yeah. I mean, whatever Rick told you. I'm not the doctor there on that. So, I'm just happy he is on the mend. That's all I really care about there. That's a positive."

Q: What about…

REID: "The Royals? They're doing a heck of a job. I am fired up for those guys, I'm fired up for Len Dawson and the bridge. I mean, how many people are great enough to have a bridge named after them? That's impressive. They named a city after a bridge and now, Len Dawson. That's unbelievable. The London Bridge, I know you were on top of that."

Q: The Achilles issues, three in three weeks. Are you guys thinking about looking at what you guys do or are you just chalking it up as a fluke? 

REID: "No, listen. PFAT, they're on top of that. That's Professional Football Trainers Association are hitting that thing hard. The NFL ankle and committee, they're knocking this thing out. There are like 14 of these in the National Football League right now. Three teams are in double-digits with them. So it's out there and people are examining it to try to figure it out. That's how that works."

Q: You said three teams are in double-digits?

REID: "With the Achilles, I believe the Colts and the Ravens also had the same situation. They've had two and we've had three. So, we're winning that game."

Q: With you and Coach Belichick's success, it seems like you have had the same attitude as far as your staff. You are very familiar with your staff and they are very familiar with you. In his staff, they all start as grunts and work their way up. REID: "That's how that works a lot of times especially when you've been a place a long time. A lot of guys have grown up and are doing their thing. Our staff, in particular on the offensive side, is really no different than that. So, like I said, you've got to have good people around you and it starts with the coaches and the front office and the ownership. I mean, there's a whole bunch of people that have got to be pulling the rope in the same direction if you're going to win that tug of war. It's a good thing."

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