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Andy Reid's Friday Presser Transcript

Coach Reid provides an injury update, thoughts on the Chargers and more


OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, as far as injuries go, Mike DeVito, we have listed as out with a knee sprain. Then, Eric Fisher didn't practice today; he is listed as doubtful. (Jon) Asamoah and (Tyson) Jackson both practiced full today. Kyle Williams' situation yesterday was that he practiced, the whole practice, and tweaked his knee, to where he tweaked it and never missed a play. He had that surgically repaired and he partially tore his ACL, the same ACL that he has worked his tail off to get back; so, he is going to have to have that fixed. He's done, obviously. We look forward to the challenge of playing the San Diego Chargers; we know they're a good football team. The guys worked very hard this week and got good work in. Again, we look forward to having our fans in Arrowhead Stadium. They'll welcome the Chargers in."

Q: What potential do you lose with Kyle Williams out?

REID: "Well, we brought Chad Hall back. I don't know; he never got to the game, but I know he is a good kid and has been a good player in this league with San Francisco. These things happen, that's part of (the game). It's a doggone shame for the kid."

Q: How are you listing Tyson Jackson and Jon Asamoah on the injury report?

REID: "Questionable."

Q: So Allen Bailey is stepping in for Mike DeVito, I assume?

REID: "(Allen) Bailey will have a chance to play a little bit, yes."

Q: If Tyson Jackson is limited or not quite ready to go will it be the new guy in or is he not ready to go or will it be Mike Catapano?

REID: "Well both of them are ready to play and both of them took reps."

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