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Andy Reid's Friday Presser Transcript

Coach Reid summarizes his team's week of practice

OPENING STATEMENT:"Alright, Branden Albert is listed as out. Justin Houston is listed as out. I'm going to get with (John) Dorsey, right after this, and talk about (Anthony) Fasano; he did not practice. (I'll talk) with (Chiefs head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and have that situated and then we'll go from there. It'll be a stretch for him to make it in the game, but we'll see how all of that works. I'll want to make sure I get all of the information. Everybody else practiced. I want to give just a quick shout out to Gary Pinkel and those Missouri Tigers, with that SEC Championship Game; we're pulling for them. Then, Sporting KC, a big game coming up and we're thinking of them. Most of all, here, we're looking forward to the challenge of playing the Washington Redskins, down at Washington. Washington is a tough place to play against a good football team. Our guys have had a great week of preparation and they're ready to go. Now, we'll go through the travel part tomorrow."

Q: What has been your experience playing in Washington and what the crowd is like there?

REID:"Normally, it's a good crowd, a loud crowd. They've got a good fanbase. That's a tough question, because we come in, we're not the ones they're cheering for. We got that."

Q: Why did you have practice indoors today, when the forecast in Washington is cold and snowy?

REID:"The ground out there is frozen. So, I mean there is no way we could go out even if we chose to. The ground is hard as a rock right now."

Q: Washington's field is known as one of the most torn up fields; what's your experience with that?

REID:"I never thought it was quite that bad, but maybe it is. I don't know that. It seemed to be okay. It's not golf; we're not playing golf. These fields take a little bit of a beating."

Q: If it's true that a player's greatest ability is availability, is London Fletcher the greatest linebacker of all time?

REID:"I've got a lot of respect for him, a ton of respect. He is readily available, all the time; you're absolutely right on that. It seems like forever since he was with the Rams, playing those championship games and it's amazing that he's still doing it and doing it well. He's not only doing it, but he's doing it very well."

Q: At 5'10" how is he doing it?

REID:"You like to say he stays elusive, but that's not how his game is; he's going to get up and challenge you every snap. It's a physical game that he plays. He's got great quickness and instincts."

Q: Have you noticed that the guys want this more than any other game?

REID:"Listen, as a coach, you want them to want every game, during the season. I felt that that's how they've been. I feel that way today about how they've prepared mentally for the Redskins."

Q: What about the impact of missing Branden Albert?

REID:"Branden is a good player, but we're fortunate to have good backups here that we consider as starters. They've started enough games here that we feel comfortable saying that. Donald (Stephenson) is one of those. He's had a good week of practice and prepared himself to play against a great player. I know he looks forward to that challenge."

Q: What about the tight end situation?

REID:"I'm going to get with (John) Dorsey on it and Rick (Burkholder) and make sure everything's—these things, you don't know. I want to make sure we exhaust everything and make sure everything is right, before I say something. We'll get it to you fairly quick on what the situation is. (Dominique) Jones did take some reps, as did (Demetrius) Harris, but Jones got the majority of them with (Sean) McGrath and would seem like the logical one if (Anthony) Fasano can't make it."

Q: Is it the knee or the concussion for Anthony Fasano?

REID:"It would be the concussion part of it. These things, you have to go through the protocol. I don't want to stand here telling you something that is wrong. I don't want to do that. I want to make sure I get you the full information."

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