Andy Reid's Friday Presser Transcript

The team's head coach provides an injury update for Week 15

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, let me give you a couple of injuries, before I turn it over to Rick (Burkholder) and again, once Rick takes over, he's going to make a statement to you. Branden Albert will be out for this game, as will Anthony Fasano and Justin Houston. They're making progress, in particular the last two. They worked out all week and did a pretty good job, during the workouts, working with the scout team, but they're not quite ready yet. Rick is going to talk to you about Dexter (McCluster) and give you an update, where we're at with Dexter."

RICK BURKHOLDER: "Thanks, Coach. As you guys know, we listed Dexter (McCluster) with an ankle injury yesterday, and we'll list him today as an ankle injury. He practiced Wednesday and came into the athletic training room after practice on Wednesday and had a sore and swollen ankle. I was with Dr. (Cris) Barnthouse, when he came in. We got him an MRI and an x-ray, which showed he had no structural damage in his ankle. He did have a very small cut on the outside of his ankle that he had gotten in the Washington game, so we went into our protocol, when somebody has an infection. We drew blood on him, we did a swab on the infection site, we got him on antibiotics and then the next morning, he didn't quite respond. We had to get him over to Dr. Barnthouse's facility and he had a very minor procedure, where they opened up the wound, cleaned it out, got him on IV antibiotics and he was released today. He still has a chance to play on Sunday, because it is basically a laceration that he had an infection in. I know the big question is, 'Does he have MRSA?' and we don't know that yet, because we don't have all of the cultures back, so that's where we're at with Dexter. If anything needs to be updated, over the weekend, we'll do that."

Q: So, are we calling him questionable today?

REID: "Yes, he will be listed as questionable. Everybody else is good. We look forward to the opportunity of playing the Raiders. We know that it's a tough environment to play in, we've got that. Our players have had a good week of preparation and are ready to play against a good football team. That's what we'll do. We'll travel out there, obviously, tomorrow and be ready to go."

Q: Will Chad Hall be your punt returner?

REID: "Well, Dexter (McCluster) is not out, but Chad (Hall) can do that, yes. He's one that can do that. We have a couple of guys that actually can."

Q: If Dexter McCluster is unable to play, will Chad Hall be next in line?

REID: "Well, you have Chad (Hall) and Quintin (Demps) that can do it. Chad has been working it the whole time as has Quintin, so we'll just see how that goes."

Q: Does Denver's loss last night add a little bounce to the team's step?

REID: "I don't think so, this team here goes through their preparations the same way every week. I wouldn't necessarily say that added to it or took away from it. They came into work and had their normal bounce that they have, which is normally pretty fast and aggressive."

Q: Can you speak to Jeff Allen and what he brings to this team?

REID: "(He's a) tough guy and we've battled through a couple of little nicks and bruises. He's a young guy, who is getting better. He's a second-year player; every week he gets a little better."

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