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Andy Reid's Postgame Presser Transcript

Coach Reid evaluates his team's Week 13 matchup against Denver

OPENING STATEMENT: "Okay, as far as injuries go, Anthony Fasano has a concussion. (Branden) Albert has a knee sprain, the x-rays were negative. We'll do an MRI on that tomorrow and just see how he does overnight here. Kendrick Lewis also strained his knee and was able to come back in. He was out for a bit and came back in and finished the game. Hard-fought game, listen, two good football teams playing each other and it came right down to the end there, that last drive and we were unable to punch it in there. A lot of things in between there that we can get better at and we'll do that. We'll get together tomorrow and go through it with players and get ourselves better. I mentioned to the team that this isn't college football. This isn't the end of the season. It's not the national championship game that you're playing, it's two good football teams playing each other. We came up short and now it's important that we get ourselves back and ready to go and finish the season like we're capable of doing. I know our guys, coaches and players will do that."

How do you reset your sights for the rest of the season?

"You take one game at a time and get yourself right and ready to play."

What happened to the offense from the beginning of the game to the end?

"We had a lull in the action there. They did a good job of stopping us and we have to do a better job. I have to make sure I put guys in a good position to make plays and if you're in those positions, you have to make sure you finish and make the plays."

How critical were the drops?

"We can do better there. We caught the ball and we moved the ball and did a nice job on that last drive, or the last couple of drives. It's important that when you're given the opportunity to catch it, you have to catch it. We can all do our job better. It's not one position or one player, that's not what it is. It's all of us doing our job better."

What about the lack of quarterback pressure?

"Well listen, he did a good job of getting the ball out. We did a better job, I thought, with the pressure where he had to hurry a few throws. It gave us one and was close to giving us a couple more, so we just have to keep going, keep getting better. I mean, he's the best in the business at doing it, so we're going to do better as we go down the road here."

Where is Marcus Cooper's confidence?

"He had the interception and then the one thing he did was, he came back and battled. That's not an easy thing as a rookie, young kid and he's put in a big-time position out there and he's not giving up on himself, which is important and there's a challenge every play (against) good players and they got him on a couple, but at the same time, he came back and battled."

What can you do to help Marcus Cooper?

"Well, you're mixing and matching coverages, so when your man, which there will be situations when you're the man, so, you have to make sure that you continue to challenge and do those things that you need to do."

How did Eric Fisher and Donald Stephenson do in their roles tonight?

"I thought they did okay. Fisher struggled a little bit early in the week, but was getting better as the week went on. Donald had the snaps during practice, majority of the snaps. We went with Donald, but by the time we got to game time, we felt that Fisher was ready to go and it worked out to where had to get in and play and I thought he did a decent job in there."

Where do you draw the line with Knile Davis getting a 108-yard return and then trying it again?

"You're not going to get 108, unless you try."

What about Dexter McCluster catching that punt so far back?

"Normally, he'll let that go."

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