Andy Reid's Press Conference Transcript

The Chiefs head coach addresses the media after KC's 30-8 win against GB


Thursday, August 29, 2013
Preseason Game 4
Postgame Quotes
Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

OPENING STATEMENT: "(Devon) Wylie, his hamstring tightened up after that first play, the deep throw to him. He cramped up a little bit during the week and so when it tightened up a bit, we got him out of there. He should be fine though. (Travis) Kelce's knee was bothering him a bit after the catch, so we pulled him out. He'll have an MRI tomorrow, but I think he should be fine. (Ricky) Henry is the one who got hurt. He ruptured his bicep and will have an MRI and x-ray tomorrow, but [we think] it's pretty significant. (Semaj) Moody was cramping at the end of the game."

Are you ready to play Jacksonville now? "I'm going to enjoy this one with the guys. There are some kids here who had an opportunity to play some extended time that hadn't played much before. I thought for the most part they did a pretty good job. We'll get through today and then move on to Jacksonville."

On holding the starters out of the game: "We did with the exception of (Husain) Abdullah; Abdullah's our starting nickel. I've mixed it up a bunch of different ways, but I felt that they had had good work this preseason and just wanted to get a look at this last group and make sure we had a good evaluation. We have some guys that are fairly close and have to make decisions on. So we have to make sure we knock those out."

Was there anything tonight that will make your roster cuts more difficult? "I'll have to go back and look at the tape, before I answer that too accurately or inaccurately. But I saw some good things of people I'm looking at. Unfortunately, they were all making good plays. I guess it's fortunate in that you're going to end up with good players. There are some guys that are right in a tight competition."

On WR Junior Hemingway: "He's got good hands, and he knows how to use that big body; he's 225 pounds and he knows how to use that. It's just a matter of him getting reps and working; inside he's tough to stop. He's a force in there with his big body."

On the two backup QBs – Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray: "They both did some good things. Obviously, Tyler had more opportunities and took advantage of those. I'm still very comfortable with Chase being number two. Tyler did a nice job for a young guy stepping in and for most of a series put us in a scoring position, whether it was a field goal or a touchdown. He was one of the guys I wanted to get [significant playing time]. I really just wanted Chase to play a quarter, but he played an extra series in there. Really, I just needed to see a quarter of him and I wanted to give Tyler the rest."

On the possibility of placing TE Tony Moeaki on IR, as well as Kelce's injury: "I haven't done anything there yet (with Moeaki). Kelce's going to be okay. Yes, [I anticipate he'll be ready for Jacksonville]."

Are you where you want to be at this point after the preseason? "Do we need to continue to improve? Absolutely. But I was comfortable enough to [take a chance] to look at our depth. I'm pretty comfortable with our first unit and where we're at. But in this league you need depth, and I want to make sure I'm picking the right guys there and giving them an opportunity to show what they can do."

On the process over the next few days in cutting the roster to 53: "We're probably not going to do anything until Saturday, give the doctors an opportunity to evaluate the guys. (It) gives John and me a chance to sit down and talk, and John and his staff a chance to get together and mull everything over. We need to make sure that we give coaches the opportunity to grade tape and put that into the process."

On the tight competitions: "I'm not going to get into those. You guys can figure those out. There are some spots that are fairly close."

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