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Andy Reid's Wednesday Presser Transcript

The team's head coach talks roster moves, the Buffalo Bills and more

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, injuries, Mike Catapano has a high ankle sprain. The chances of him making it this week are pretty slim. Jamaal Charles has a knee contusion. He will not practice today. He did go through the walk through and was ok there. We're going to let the thing settle down. I think he will be alright. Really those are the only ones to mention. We look forward to the challenge of playing Buffalo. They've done a nice job up there coaching-wise and also they have good football players. On defense they've been banged up just a little bit in the secondary, but they have everybody back now for the second week in a row. We know what to expect. They gave New Orleans everything they could handle over there as they have with most of their games. We know that we have to prepare ourselves offensively and defensively and special teams-wise for a good football team. We did make a few changes; Dominique Jones is going to jump on our practice squad as a tight end. We let (Kevin) Brock go, and he did a heck of a job for us. That's how this roster is going to move around a little bit. We were able to move Rokevious Watkins up and gave him an opportunity on that offensive line. Again, good offensive linemen are hard to find, so people were obviously keeping their eyes open on him and we were able to make this move and be able to keep him on our football team."

Q: If you didn't promote Rokevious Watkins, would you have lost him?

REID: "There was probably a pretty good chance, yeah."

Q: How do you feel about keeping 10 offensive linemen?

REID: "Well I've had that before, I've done that before. Big guys are hard to find so you want to make sure you have enough good ones."

Q: As long as everyone is in good health, do you plan on staying with over seven offensive linemen on game day?

REID: "Yeah, most likely."

Q: Will you talk about Ryan Succop?

REID: "Yeah, I should have mentioned him. He was the special teams player of the week, the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, rightly so. I thought he did a heck of a job the other day. It really counted there at the end when we needed points, and he had a nice boot there. The thing he does, he allows you to have good field position when their offense is starting and it helps our defense out there. It's a tribute to his hard work. He's a relentless worker, so it pays off as it did this week for him."

Q: You've overcome a lot of adversity; how have you been able to continue to move forward?

REID: "I have a good wife who will tell you she's the head coach of the head coach. I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by good people, so I've been very fortunate that way. That's a tribute to the people around me."

Q: Do you plan to activate Sanders Commings by the end of the week?

REID: "We have, I believe, until next Wednesday. I think it's next Wednesday, but we'll double check on that. That's what (John) Dorsey, I believe, told me."

Q: How's his progress coming along?

REID: "He's doing ok. He's doing ok. It's just a matter of making sure, well he's not going to be able to hit anybody right now. That's really what it comes down to. As far as his quickness and movement ability, that's fine. We have to make sure that thing is completely right."

Q: Has he been doing anything with scout team stuff?

REID: "No, he hasn't been working with the scout team."

Q: Dexter McCluster said "this isn't a beauty pageant." Would you rather have a "beauty pageant" at some point?

REID: "I don't care about all of that. I've told you the stats you care most about are obviously points and turnovers and they kind of go hand in hand. As long as you come out of that point category ahead I don't care. We'll work on the stuff that we're not good at. We're going to keep doing that no matter what and the record and all of that doesn't matter. We're all in it to win games. That's not a secret, that's most important."

Q: Sanders Commings is a bigger guy, where do you see him being used if he is activated?

REID: "Well really he can do all three. He can play corner. We've worked him some at safety before he was hurt. We also worked him a little inside at the nickel spot. He's a smart kid, but you have to make sure that everything's right. He didn't get the training camp stuff that you need there, so we just have to make sure he's ok before we do anything. (John) Dorsey and the docs and Rick (Burkholder) will make that decision there."

Q: How has the move to Kansas City rejuvenated you?

REID: "I can't tell you that I wasn't feeling pretty good before that. Every day that I can get this big tail out of bed, I'm kind of a happy guy. I've sure enjoyed it. The people are phenomenal. The barbeque is phenomenal."

Q: Did you see the picture of the baby dressed up?

REID: "Well I thought there were some similarities. Graham, right, Graham is his name? I thought he had a heck of a mustache. He looked very similar to Britt (Reid) when he was born."

Q: Can you talk about Knile Davis and his development over the past few weeks?

REID: "We give him a little more every week and I thought he did a nice job this past week. I meant that. He's getting better as he goes now. Eric Bieniemy is relentless as a coach, so you want to make sure you hold onto the football because he's not going to let up."

Q: Is the mentality of football, in the middle of the season, to keep the group pretty much the same and not mess with it when it comes to trades?

REID: "Yeah, I mean there are so many things that go into an actual trade, all of those stipulations that are involved with that. There's a salary part of it. There's the part you're talking about. There's a lot of things that go into it."

Q: When you bring up the film, what are you seeing from the Bills defense?

REID: "Well I think their defense is tremendous, very physical. They fly around. They're smart. Their front seven is as good as we've played so we have to make sure that we're ready to go. Their back end now is healthy, so you put them in with the best that we've played there. They've been banged up and spotting people in different places, but they're whole now and they play well together."

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