Andy Reid Talks Alex Smith and Chase Daniel

The Chiefs head coach also discusses the team's free agency moves

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has been in Arizona this week, attending the NFL's owners meetings, which conclude today. During his media session, coach Reid addressed many topics, which we'll include in a two-part feature, listing some of the questions coach was asked, followed by his response. In part one, coach Reid discusses QBs, Alex Smith, Chase Daniel and his team's free agency moves.

Why did you go with Alex Smith?

"The fact that he's won a lot of games and his QB rating has been off the charts. I would tell you that he has the intangibles, the leadership and the work ethic and the smarts that you need to do well. He's really had a touch of our offense; some of the numbering system is similar to what (49ers head coach) Jim (Harbaugh) had him doing."

Was Alex Smith a good choice because of the system he was in?

"I think system is important for all quarterbacking. I think their system is similar to what we do. I have been sitting here telling these guys, that is an important part of it. The bottom line is that he has won games and he has a great quarterback rating. He is consistent, other than that, you get all of his intangibles."

How important is stability for Alex Smith?

"I think stability is an important thing for a quarterback. I think if you look at all that change that took place in his NFL life early, that is a wild ride. For him to come out, look at how many quarterbacks have been ruined from going through that situation and he came out on top. That is a tribute to him."

How much did Alex Smith's mobility play into your desire to have him on your roster in Kansas City?

"He's always been able to go when he needed to, so I think that's a plus. Most of the quarterbacks that have been in this offense have been fairly mobile, some more so than others. You put Steve Young, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, those are three guys that could scoot. People forget about [Joe] Montana, who could also run, and people forget about [Brett] Favre, who could also run. There have been some mobile guys who could giddy up and go when needed."

Alex Smith has gone through so many coordinators and systems. How much carryover do you see between what he's leaving in San Francisco and your system here?

"I think the last couple years, that will carry over. And he did, he had a ton of change. Most quarterbacks that go through that, they're ruined. They never come out on the positive side. They get crushed. But he was able to work through all that. Even the year before Jim [Harbaugh] got there, you could see him, his production starting to go up. But what he was doing there, the terminology will be very similar; scheme for the most part will be very similar. I don't think it will be a big transition."




How is your team talent-wise? And how did it improve in free agency?

"We got a good nucleus of guys. We've got enough draft picks, but we needed depth on our football team. That's what this allowed us to do. We also needed a quarterback. We were able to get two good ones. Although, I thought Matt Cassel was a good quarterback. He just needed a change in scenery, and I think he'll be fine."

What do you like about Chase Daniel? 

"All you have is preseason film, so you're looking at one of the more productive quarterbacks in the preseason. He's a local kid. I had coached at the University of Missouri, so I knew about him. Sean Peyton, who I'm friends with, thought the world of him. He got to play behind (New Orleans Saints QB) Drew Brees, so he understands what it takes to be a champion at this level and lead a football team. I welcome that."                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Click the Chase Daniel photo, to view the Free Agent Photo Gallery.

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