Andy Reid Talks Chiefs' Focus, Eclipses and Disneyland

Coach Reid met with the media on Monday

Head Coach Andy Reid



REID: "All right, as far as injuries go, Jacoby Glenn won't practice today. Seantavius Jones won't practice today, he hurt his shoulder. Terrance Mitchell is continuing to get better with the hamstring and then JR Nelson had the heel contusion and he won't practice today. Everybody else should be ready to go. I don't have much to come to you with other than what we talked about yesterday, as far as the game goes. We are going to practice today. We have kept the schedule like we would in-season, an in-season Wednesday to a point. We have the eclipse and everything happening today, so we will take time to watch that, but other than that, we are going to have a 10-10-10 practice this afternoon. Time's yours."

Q:Does the focus of camp change at all this week working towards that opener?

REID:"Not necessarily. Everybody will still practice and do that. The schedule is more setup tomorrow and the following day like you would a Thursday and Friday, but everybody will still practice. We still have things we are working on and trying to get better at that don't deal necessarily with a team."

Q:Is it still the plan for Eric Berry to practice today?

REID:"Yeah, he is just going to see how he feels and we'll go from there."

Q:Do you feel good about Ramik Wilson at inside linebacker or is there still competition there?

REID:"Yeah, there is competition in there. Ramik did well in the game, but I thought (Josh) Mauga played well and (Ukeme) Eligwe played well. Those are kind of the guys in that spot. I think all three of them did a pretty nice job in there."

Q:Do you guys gameplan a little like the regular season for Seattle?

REID:"No, because we still have things we want to work on. We will give them a mock gameplan, but nothing like in-season, no."

Q:How do you prepare the new guys, especially the young guys, for the season and what it will be like to gameplan then?

REID:"You talk through a lot of it. And what you normally do on a true Wednesday or a true Thursday, it is nothing they haven't had at least part of during camp. They understand the install process and what we put in each day and you go through and explain that."

Q:Is there a way for Patrick Mahomes to move up to that no. 1 spot at QB?

REID:"He is just taking it day-by-day and just seeing how he's doing. That's not where we are at. It is Alex's job. That's how we are doing it. The next question is, 'What if Alex gets hurt?' I would never say that he can't do something, but I will tell you in this case, it's Alex's job. That's what it is. There is no gray area with that."

Q:What are your thoughts on the eclipse?

REID:"Well, I have seen one. I can't tell you it's like Disneyland or anything. I've seen it, done it. It is interesting to see one time. So if they guys want to take a look at it, I'm OK with it. It kind of fits right in with our practice schedule. It worked out OK where we don't have to change a ton of things."

Q:Is it a challenge to kind of get into a routine with all the Thursday, Monday and Saturday games?

REID:"This actually helps you with that part of it. Even though the starters played a half, you still get an idea of what it takes for a hurry up week. That's a little bit of this right here. I'm not worried about that. Our guys know how to handle it. We as a coaching staff know how to handle that, so we will be all right."

Q:How has Ron Parker changed since he got here?

REID:"So Ron Parker coming from Seattle to here, he had some great tutors there. They have a tremendous secondary. When he came over here, he was able to bring some of that with him. By nature, he is kind of a quiet, shy guy, but he sure has done a nice job for us stepping up and being a good leader and just a good, solid piece for us at safety."

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