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Arrowhead's "Tailgate Stack" Sandwich Receives National Praise

Debuted in the 2014 season, the sandwich pays tribute to Kansas City’s famous tailgate traditions


According to Sid Saraf of Fox Sports, "the NFL experience isn't just about tailgating," but also about the custom cuisine native to each stadium. And while Arrowhead features some of the city's best barbecue, one of its newest additions from 2014 is turning heads on a national level.

The sandwich is called the "Tailgate Stack" and is one of 17 entrées featured from different stadiums across the nation.

"Sunday is the classic brunch day, so why not get your breakfast and lunch in one place?" Saraf writes. "This Arrowhead Stadium behemoth (found in the Gridiron Express stands) has burnt ends – BURNT ENDS!! – with cheddar cheese sauce, beer grain, syrup, bacon and a fried egg for good measure. It's all stacked on a piece of fried bread. Chow down on this and you're ready to go … probably for the rest of the day."

Aramark unveiled their new "Tribute Menu Series" in August of 2014 to encourage "celebrating the hometown team’s heritage." Kansas City's creation is used to commemorate the great tradition of tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Tailgate Stack costs $13 and can be purchased only at Gridiron Express stands located in sections 103 and 135 of Arrowhead Stadium.

Other stadiums gracing Fox Sports' epic stadium food list include Cleveland, with the Bad to the Bone Bologna, Tampa Bay, with the Red Sail Dog, and Carolina, with the Hog Molly, among multiple others.

View the full list here.

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