Behind the Lens: The Top 10 Photos of 2016 – No. 9

Counting down the season’s best photos in the Chiefs archives

"Behind the Lens" is an article series* that will highlight the top 10 photos from the 2016 archives every Tuesday over 10 weeks.*

*Chiefs photographer Steve Sanders, who has been with the team for more than 20 seasons, provides the commentary.*

The Top 10 Chiefs Photos of 2016











No. 9

No. 9 – A Man and His Defense


Chiefs 33, Broncos 10

Date:December 25, 2016

Model:Canon EOS-1D X

Focal Length:32

Exposure Program:3

Taken By: Steve Sanders

Sanders' comments: "Eric Berry came over and sat his helmet on the Gatorade stand. It's got the texture, the rain and the grass, so you can just tell by the way his helmet looks that he's been on the ground. And he just kind of walked away and stood in front of it, and it just kind of set itself to have some real depth and I kind of thought about what's going on, what's going through his mind. He's watching the scoreboard and talking to his teammates, so this was neat with the texture, the bumpiness of the Gatorade table and the raindrops.

"It rained pretty much that entire game and I wanted to make sure that the helmet was completely sharp, but everything else was out of focus, so I controlled the depth of field on the camera and made Eric kind of go out of focus, but he's still a prominent part of the frame."

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