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Between Chiefs and Royals, ESPN Says Kansas City is the Best Dressed

The Chiefs and Royals uniforms place them in first in the two-team division


There are 11 American cities with only two professional (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) sports teams.

Recently, built power rankings based on which cities' uniforms were the best.

Well, here's the good news—Kansas City, of course comprised of the Chiefs red and Royals blue, finished atop of the fashion mountain.

Here's the take from Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch:

Hey, if you have only two big-name uniform sets in town, you might as well make them count. K.C. does, with the Royals and Chiefs both near the top of their respective leagues. Nicely done.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Chiefs: 8, Royals: 8.5. UNI: 8.25

Note: "UNI" is "Uniform Numerical Index," which takes into account both the uniform and the given fan's overall visual experience.

Buffalo (Bills, Sabres) finished second and Indianapolis (Colts, Pacers) finished third.

Read the full rankings here.

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