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BJ Kissel and Nick Leckey Identify a Breakout Player to Watch at Camp and More in Latest "In The Trenches" Episode

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Training Camp is right around the corner for the Kansas City Chiefs, and for those looking to dive into football, there's no better camp primer than the latest "In The Trenches" episode with Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel and six-year NFL veteran Nick Leckey.

In the episode - which dropped on July 1 – Kissel and Leckey discussed how quarterback Patrick Mahomes can build on his MVP campaign, some young players to watch at camp and an individual on defense who has a shot at putting together a breakout season in 2019.

"I think this guy may be a surprise to a lot of people, but he won't be a surprise to me," Kissel said of his breakout player. "This is somebody on the defense who I'm just really excited about and who I think is going to have a great year."

Check out the podcast to learn who it is.

Leckey also drew on his own experience during the episode while explaining the importance of athletic trainers beyond just rehabilitation from injury.

"I think with all the science that's out there right now, your trainers can be the key to unlocking what your body can produce," Leckey said. "Once you get into the heart of the season, it's not about strength, it's about recovery, and that's a lot of work."

Additionally, Kissel shared a behind-the-scenes story about some confusion over a player's favorite song a few years back when putting together an article at camp. In a nutshell, music from the mariachi band "The Amigos" differs significantly from the hip-hop group "Migos" despite their similar stage names. It's simply a ridiculous story.

Catch that story and so much more on the latest episode of "In The Trenches." The episode is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and here on