Breaking Down the Chiefs 2013 Draft Class

Head Coach Andy Reid breaks down every pick of the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 draft class


**The 2013 NFL Draft is in the books.

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey and his entire staff concluded the long, tedious process of ensuring the right players are selected for head coach Andy Reid's system.

"I feel we have upgraded our roster at certain positions that I thought we were weak," Dorsey said. "We have added some depth and competition. We've done that through free agency, through the college draft and college free agency as well. I think we have made the roster competitive."

Now with a competitive roster, it's time to hear what roles Chiefs head coach Andy Reid sees the drafted players serving in 2013. Below are the quotes from coach Reid, discussing each of the eight drafted players.

2013 NFL Draft - First Round (First Overall) - Eric Fisher (OL)

"Eric Fisher (is) a big offensive lineman from Central Michigan. What you get is an athletic player and a great kid, smart kid, engineering major. He can play really any position along the line and loves to play the game."

As far as where Fisher will play, when he arrives for minicamp, coach wasn't ready to make any decisions quite yet.

"It doesn't bother me where he plays because he's a good football player. I pick the five best guys and put them up there and the position doesn't matter to me. It never has."

2013 NFL Draft - Third Round (63rd Overall) - Travis Kelce (TE)

"Well, he is going to get in there and compete and we will see how it all works out. He gives you another offensive threat, somebody that the defense will have to honor by speed and athletic ability. They moved him all around so he doesn't have to play in line, you can move him out as a wide receiver in that position and he's a legitimate receiver from that spot."

2013 NFL Draft - Third Round (96th Overall) - Knile Davis (RB)

"If you can find a big fast guy that can play, I mean you're sure trying to find that and we think we got that here. He can play both games for you. He can give you the power game of a big back, he can also give you the finesse game with his quickness and speed."

2013 NFL Draft - Fourth Round (99th Overall) - Nico Johnson (LB)

"We're going to put him at the Mike linebacker spot and he'll compete with Akeem (Jordan), who obviously has a few snaps under his belt in the league. He'll get in there and compete with him. He was a four-phased special teams player for them, so he can also do that. I'm sure he'll find his way in, granted that he stays healthy and picks everything up, but he's capable of finding his way in for playing time."

2013 NFL Draft - Fifth Round (134th Overall) - Sanders Commings (DB)

"We'll probably try him at free safety and let him work there, see how he picks things up and then we'll go from there. You know, he's a great baseball player; he was a centerfielder in baseball, so you know he can track the ball. And I'm talking about a legitimate centerfielder, not just a guy that played Little League, he's legit – he has good ball skills."



2013 NFL Draft - Sixth Round (170th Overall) - Eric Kush (OL)

"If you talk to people around the league, he was their 'sleeper-pick,' because he's a tremendous athlete. Again, he plays center, but he can do everything for you, he's very gifted athletically. I would compare him to (Jason) Kelce, the kid I had in Philadelphia because he can get out and pull for you, he can slip to the second level – he has the quickness and athletic ability to do that. He's a very intelligent and tough kid. This is a step up, obviously, in the caliber of football he's been playing, so we'll see how he makes that adjustment. I think what you're looking at there and particularly in the sixth round, is a good football player who can get in there and compete."

 2013 NFL Draft - Sixth Round (204th Overall) - Braden Wilson (FB)

"He's six-foot-three inches tall, so we're talking about a big kid here. I thought he was the best blocking fullback in the draft, in particular for being so tall. Normally you see guys who are fireplug-type guys, but that's not what you're looking at here; he's a big, tall kid that just has a knack for blocking. He's also a good catcher of the football; and he's somebody, with that size, that you can move around a little. You can move him up onto a tight end position or a slot position and ask him to block, he's capable of doing that."

2013 NFL Draft - Seventh Round (207th Overall) - Mike Catapano (LB)

"Mike, we're going to use as an outside linebacker, probably more of what we've done with Tamba (Hali) here in the past, more of a rush, outside backer. He's 6-4, 270 pounds, and he's coming off a 12-sack season that he accumulated this past year. He was the Defensive Player of the Year in the Ivy League. You're looking at a good, solid football player who's very solid, very intense, and loves to play the game. You hear nothing but great things about him when you talk to the people at Princeton, so we welcome all of these guys in to our football team and we'll see if they can't contribute."

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