Building the "Perfect Pass Rusher?" Start With the Chiefs

NFL senior analyst Gil Brandt addressed which players would make up the absolute “perfect pass rusher”



Former Dallas Cowboys vice president of player personnel and current NFL senior analyst Gil Brandt wrote an article ( describing what he called "the perfect pass rusher" on Tuesday morning.

Brandt felt that two current players on the Chiefs roster—linebackers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston—each make up ingredients of this super-player.

Here's what he said about each:

... the relentless effort of Tamba Hali. The best pass rushers never give up on the play; they might get pushed back initially, but they just keep going, circling around and battling their blocker until they get the sack. The relentless pass rusher is technically proficient, speedy, strong and competitive. The *Chiefs veteran is on the downside of his career, but the 11th-year pro uses his speed, quickness and technique to apply non-stop pressure to his man. You could also list J.J. Watt -- whose game relies more on strength than Hali's does -- here.*

*Classic example: Jared Allen.*

**... the speed-to-power ability of Justin Houston.

Houston's availability to start the 2016 season *is in doubt, but when he's healthy, the Chiefs' pass rusher is one of the best at setting up his blocker with speed and then powering past him to the passer. The 6-3, 258-pound OLB is an athlete (4.68 40, 36 1/2-inch vertical, 10-5 broad jump at the combine) who is really at his best rushing the passer. Offensive linemen like to use their hands, but Houston uses his big mitts (11 inches) and long arms (34 1/2 inches) to rip the blockers off of him; he's just too big, strong and long.*

*Classic example: Dexter Manley.*

Also, in the article, Brandt compared reigning Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt's ability to finish to that of Chiefs legend Derrick Thomas.

Read Brandt's full piece by clicking here.

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