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Cairo Santos Hadn't Missed a Field Goal at Chiefs Camp until Saturday

And the weather played a role


That's the number of field goals Kansas City Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos made in a row during training camp.

And Saturday was his first miss—going into the wind on a rainy, cold day.

"He missed one today [Saturday], so we know he's human now," special teams coordinator Dave Toub laughed.

"I'd rather have him miss one now than during the season."

Santos missed a shorter kick and then one deep.

"I wanted to see what his range would be," Toub said. "Then he went on the other field over there and kicked the other way and kicked a 60-yarder for the fans."

Santos said he wasn't surprised Toub put him to the test Saturday.

"We've had perfect weather the other days that I've kicked, so today was the most challenging one.

"We've had other days in OTAs where it was really windy and he asked me which way I wanted to go. I remember when I was a rookie he didn't give me a choice but now I always choose into the wind because it makes me better.

"But I always appreciate the challenge," Santos said.

And Toub thought he kicked the elements out of the water.

"He handled the elements great," Toub said. "We could've easily flipped it around and kicked that way and he'd be 100% again, but we wanted him to kick into the elements and make it a little harder for him."

Both Toub and Santos agree that this is about as confident as Santos has been heading into the season.

"He's so confident. His leg strength has improved a little bit, but he's never going to have strength like [Justin] Tucker, not too many people do," Toub said. "The number one thing is his confidence and his strength has gotten a little bit better."

And that confidence has helped Santos use himself as his biggest motivator.

"We talk about it every year about how good competition is to bring in to push me. But I like to think I'm my biggest competition out here - I'm trying to be perfect. So if I go nine for 10 one day, then the next day I'm trying to go better. So that mentality has made me a lot more comfortable kicking in the NFL and more confident.

"So having just James (Winchester) or Dustin (Colquitt) here nobody else to take those reps away, helps us get those reps in and get in sync and get better. Today they got me kicking in the wind with a little wet ball so I missed one.

"But these last four days we've been a hundred percent so it's been awesome having this confidence heading into the season," Santos said.

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