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Chase Daniel Having Some Fun With Andy Reid Before BYU-MU

The team holds connections to both schools involved Saturday


There are several members of the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs that hold connections to BYU and Missouri, the two schools that will square off against one another this Saturday evening at Arrowhead Stadium.

Quarterback Chase Daniel, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and center Mitch Morse played at Missouri, and head coach Andy Reid, defensive back Daniel Sorensen and practice squad defensive tackle Hebron Fangupo played at BYU.

Reid also coached for three seasons at Missouri.

"You've got these two programs that are special and they get to face off right here," Reid said of Saturday's matchup. "I think it's exciting and I think it's great for Kansas City. The place will be packed. There's enough BYU alum around here that they'll put some blue in that stadium and there's enough Tiger pride here. They're going to pack it and it should be explosive. It'll be a great atmosphere."

Daniel is a player that has experienced Arrowhead Stadium as both a professional and college starter.

"In the pro ranks, it's a little bit more difficult and you absolutely have every home person there in your home stadium, so all the Chiefs fans are rooting for just the Chiefs, whereas college, in a game like this, there might be a little bit more BYU fans than normal," he said. "Obviously we'll have way more Mizzou fans, but they'll definitely be able to travel a little bit more. I think that's probably may be the biggest difference."


Maclin, a teammate of Daniel's at Missouri and in Kansas City, added that the opportunity to play at Arrowhead should have his alma mater very eager for Saturday.

"The fact that they get to play in the stadium, one of the historic stadiums in the league with a lot of history there, some of the best fans, if not the best fans as far as NFL-wise, it will be a pretty good experience for them."

Mitch Morse, Kansas City's rookie center who played for Missouri as recently as last year, said he plans to try to see some of his former teammates before the Chiefs fly to Denver on Saturday. Morse explained that what excites him is that the players he once played side by side with get to experience the stadium he now calls home.

"It's awesome," he said. "It's a great feeling to have the guys kind of see what I get to do, what I love to do and for them to come in. I think the redshirt seniors might have had the opportunity to come to Arrowhead for the last [Missouri versus Kansas] rivalry game in 2011. That was a special experience, so for those guys to come back and play in Arrowhead in front of the vast crowd of Mizzou fans in Kansas City."

While all involved downplayed much trash talk, Daniel said he's been pressing coach Reid to make a friendly wager on the game.

"I've been trying to get coach to bet me here for a couple days," he said. "He won't have any of it. I'm still working on him, but we're definitely in quarterback meetings going back and forth."

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