Chase Daniel's Press Conference Transcript

The Chiefs QB describes his team's effort against San Diego

On how the team almost pulled out a win, with numerous backups in the game:

"I think that from the start of the week, the guys that were probably going to get an opportunity to play practiced great and it continued throughout Saturday. Their prep was awesome and they knew this opportunity doesn't come along very often and I thought we played pretty well."

How did your preparation for the game change, knowing that you were going to start this week?

"My preparation didn't change at all and it never does. I have a great routine (that) I have going that I got when I was with Drew Brees and Sean Payton in New Orleans and I've stuck with it, so it shows that when I play, it works pretty well. It felt like I was seeing the field well and I found out Saturday that I was going to play, but for me it didn't change anything mentally."

What do you tell yourself the night before you start your first NFL game?

"Get some sleep and get some rest. I slept about as good Saturday night as I have all season. My preparation bred a little bit of confidence and we came up a little short, but I love the way our young guys, that haven't played much at all, battled against what is now a playoff team."

How much different is it now that you have your first NFL game under your belt?

"It's just one game. For me, the real season starts tomorrow. We could be playing Saturday, but we're not really sure where we're playing. Personally for me it was good to play a little bit and it was good to get those guys some reps, because down the road a non-healthy team is going to win the Super Bowl. You don't know when your number is going to be called, so for guys to get playing time like they did today in a game that the Chargers absolutely needed and for them to step up to play the way they did, I couldn't be more proud."

On how the front three linemen played on Sunday:

"They played so well up-front. That was the first thing I did when I got in the locker room was go up to all the front three guys that hadn't played much; those guys are some young pups and to get thrown into the fire, on the road in a playoff environment, the way they played to give up only one sack that I almost put on me, was unbelievable. Coach Reid called some downfield throws at the end of the game, when we needed it; we needed them to step up, we needed them in the run game and I think they did that."

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