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Chemistry Vital for Chiefs Offensive Line

Kansas City Chiefs OL getting better by the practice

The Kansas City Chiefs completed their ninth training camp practice on Sunday, each filled with must-see moments, including from the team's offensive line.

Shortly after training camp began, Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson emphasized the importance of the guys up-front.

"I'm excited," Pederson said.

"I really want to see what kind of team we're going to become. It all starts with the offensive line and I really want to see those guys and they've bought in all spring and summer long and now the physical part takes over and I just want to see where in the direction we're going to head as an offense and it hinges on that offensive line."

Headlining the position group is left tackle Branden Albert and right tackle, Chiefs top-pick Eric Fisher. Beginning in offseason workouts, both players established a good relationship, which has only continued to flourish at camp.

"I knew people thought it was going to be awkward," Albert said.

"But people who know me know that I'm not that type of person. I'm trying to help him and (all) the young guys understand what's going to happen to them; help them understand what we need to do, how we need to work. I've been in the same position as him, not the number-one pick, but I've been a first-round draft pick, which comes with a lot of pressure. I just told him, 'learn what you have to do from Chiefs offensive line coach (Andy) Heck and assistant coach (Eugene) Chung, apply it and play football.'"

Fisher has appreciated the help from Albert and says the entire offensive line is improving with each practice.  


"You have to build that bond," Fisher said. "It's like a unit; we all have to work on the same page and I think every day we're getting the communication down better and learning this offense better."

Fellow Chiefs offensive lineman, G Jon Asamoah agreed with the rookie right tackle.

"Exactly," Asamoah said.

"Getting to the point where things that are verbal right now, the way we're talking to each other, become non-verbal, instead of having to talk and see things, you feel things and that's what comes with every day working to get better, every day working with each other; you start feeling and then that helps you play that much faster."

As for the progress of Fisher at camp, Asamoah likes what he sees.

"He's got all the skills you could ever need," Asamoah said. "As long as he keeps his head in the (play)book and keeps working, he's going to be real, real good."

Coach Reid has also been asked Fisher's performance.

"He's getting better every day," coach Reid said.

"We're not holding anything back from him. We're throwing it all at him. His hands are a little beat up, and he has all that stuff, but in the National Football League, you have to bring it every day. The young guys, they learn that. They all learn that. I'll tell you what, he's a competing son of a gun. He comes out, he busts his tail and he's learning. I think it's slowing down for him every day and I expect big things for him."

So does the entire Chiefs Kingdom, which embraced Fisher the moment he received "The Call" from team chairman and CEO Clark Hunt on draft night.

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