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Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt Clarifies London-Super Bowl Connection

On Saturday, Hunt answered questions about Roger Goodell’s recent statements


The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium in London, England on Sunday, November 1 as part of the NFL's International Series. It's one of three games that will take place overseas this fall.

On Saturday, Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt clarified his thoughts on the game in London fulfilling the NFL's requirement for any team wanting to host a Super Bowl to play a home game overseas.

This was part of a recently passed amended resolution from 2006 that requires teams who host the Super Bowl to play a home game overseas within five years.

"The way the rule works is if you want to bid for a Super Bowl, you have to be willing to give up a home game to play in London if you're the winner of the Super Bowl bid," Hunt said. "That was voted on in the fall, coincidently, at the time we made the decision to play a game next year in London.

"I've mentioned to the league that when we get around to bidding on a Super Bowl, we certainly will include in the bid the fact that we have given up a game already."

Hunt had to clarify a situation regarding recent statements from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who said that playing a game overseas is not a definitive determinant of winning a Super Bowl bid.

"I had a chance to speak with Roger (Goodell) since then about that," Hunt said. "The way Roger heard the question was if you give up a home a game to play in London, you are guaranteed to get a Super Bowl. So he was trying to mention that that's not in fact the truth, which of course, it's not." So while the Chiefs will play just seven regular season games at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015, the chance of hosting a Super Bowl in Kansas City has been made possible because of the involvement in the game on November 1.

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