Chiefs Co-Offensive Coordinator: "The Biggest Thing is to Continue to Stay Aggressive"

The Chiefs haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in the second half in three weeks

By now, everyone is aware of what happened last week in the Kansas City Chiefs' loss to the Tennessee Titans.

After roaring out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, the Chiefs only managed three points the rest of the way, and the Titans won, 19-17, snapping Kansas City's three-game winning streak.

With the game being the third in a row for the Chiefs without an offensive touchdown, the coaching staff explained the team's emphasis needed to shift headed into Sunday's showdown with the Denver Broncos.

"For us, the biggest thing is to continue to stay aggressive, which we all know," co-offensive coordinator Matt Nagy said. "We came out last week and we put up 14 points right away and we all know the second half wasn't what we wanted. We're well aware of that—coaches and players. It's a mentality of finishing.

"If we keep our foot on the pedal and have that finish mentality on every single play. Not just one play in the second half, or five plays, but every single play we need to have that mentality to finish. That's going to be important."

Nagy added that coming to work this week, he has seen that the Chiefs offensive players have bought in.

"The players have been great—they understand what's at stake here," he said. "The players have full trust in us and we have full trust in them. It's just a matter of putting it all together, not letting something like this get us down, staying together, staying positive and knowing that this season is a roller coaster.

"If we can get through the ebb and flow of that, in the long run, when it matters most, we're going to come together."

As the Chiefs begin their final two-game regular-season stretch in what they hope turns into a long playoff run, the time is now.

They appear to realize that.

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