Chiefs Fan Trip to the 2013 NFL Draft

Season Ticket Holder Wins the Trip of a Lifetime


During the Draft most of us had our eyes glued to the television or social media wondering where the young rookies would end up in the NFL. Well, one lucky Chiefs Season Ticket Holder was able to experience the Draft up close and personal.

Last month, the Chiefs held a contest for fans to win the opportunity to announce the Chiefs 4th round pick in the NFL Draft. Chiefs 27 year Season Ticket Holder Mary Hand was lucky enough to win this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"I've grown up a Chiefs fan and have had season tickets for almost 30 years so this was such a fun trip," Mary explained. "I entered the contest but I thought, 'Yeah, that isn't going to happen.' But then I got a call one day from the Chiefs and I was going, 'For real?! No way!'" I called some of the other Season Ticket Holders that have sat beside us for years and they were so excited for me, but also a little jealous."  

As the trip began, Mary and company actually ran into the newly acquired Chief, Eric Fisher as they were departing Kansas City and he was arriving.  

"We were at the gate, about to get on our plane and Eric Fisher walked out from the incoming plane," Mary said. "So that was really cool! It was a good start and I thought, 'Alright this will be a good trip!'"

Once in New York, Mary sported her Chiefs gear proudly, wearing her custom made Season Ticket Holder jersey. She was delighted to be representing the Chiefs and excited to announce her team's selection on stage.

"I was nervous but also excited to go up there," Mary recalled. "But I said Nico Johnson's name right, I didn't stutter or stumble so I thought I did pretty well and it was fun."

After Mary made her big announcement on stage she was making her way back to her seat when she noticed some commotion and spotted another Chiefs fan with Roger Goodell.

"I went back to my seat and I noticed something going on behind me," Mary said. "So I turned around and looked and there was a Chiefs fan having Roger Goodell sign his jersey and get his picture. So I jumped up and walked over and was able to meet Rodger Goodell and he signed my Chiefs jersey as well."

Mary also bumped into a Philadelphia Eagles fan while at the draft who expressed her appreciation for their former head coach.

"We got into a conversation about coach Andy Reid and she had wonderful things to say about him," Mary commented. "She said they really liked him and they were sad to see him go. It was great hearing that and as a Chiefs fan I'm excited about the upcoming season with Coach Reid."

Overall, Mary said her trip was an incredible experience and was ecstatic to have won the opportunity.

"It was great and I was so excited to go," Mary said. "My husband and my niece went with me and we all had such a great time. We met some good people and all my friends back home were watching for me on the big screen…It was a fun time."

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