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Chiefs Fantasy Camp: Trent Green, Will Shields Return to Arrowhead Stadium for a Good Cause

The Chiefs held their second annual fantasy camp benefitting the University of Kansas Hospital Center for Concussion Management this past Tuesday and Wednesday


Mike Davidson, who now works as a VIP tour coordinator, held the role of equipment manager for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1989 to 2011.

Over the course of those 22 years, Davidson met thousands of players, worked for five coaches and was an integral part of football operations for the Chiefs franchise.

That's why this past Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Chiefs held their second annual fantasy camp and he saw familiar faces such as Trent Green, Dante Hall and now-Hall of Famer Will Shields back in the locker room together, it actually was a bit overwhelming.

"They were all in the equipment room [Wednesday] morning and we were getting them squared away with what they needed," he explained. "I was somewhat kidding them, but I was halfway serious. I said 'You know, I might start crying.' What it does is it just brings back a lot of memories you've had with them and they're just good people."


The University of Kansas Hospital and the Kansas City Chiefs host the 2015 Chiefs Fantasy Camp at Arrowhead Stadium on Wednesday, August 26, 2015.


Davidson's feelings resonated with all those who came to work at the camp, which is the brainchild of Bob Page, the president and CEO of the University of Kansas Hospital.

"Page is the first person to mention because really, this is his dream," the "Voice of the Chiefs," Mitch Holthus, said. "Kansas City is blessed to have him, not only because he's an administrator to one of the top hospitals in the Kingdom and country, but also because the community is fortunate to have him."

By Page's design, Kansas City Chiefs fantasy camp benefits the University of Kansas Hospital's Center for Concussion Management, which is an area of the hospital designated to solely treating anything from a mild to serious concussion.

"We have all the expertise all together come in, do baseline testing, then test you to see what actually happened," he said of the center. "They know the state-of-the-art treatment and they know exactly how to diagnose and treat the situation. It's a one-stop shop and you don't have to go to 10 different places. You come right to us."

The proceeds from fantasy camp allow Page and the hospital to do more while asking for less money in return.

"What it does is it helps us continue to grow those kinds of services that under a traditional model may not be available," he added.

The two-day camp began with an opening reception hosted by Holthus. After participants had arrived, Holthus welcomed general manager John Dorsey to the stage, where he signed the more than 60 guests in attendance to "contracts" with the Kansas City Chiefs.

After both Chiefs president Mark Donovan and Page addressed the crowd, Holthus welcomed Shields, Hall and Christian Okoye to the stage for the first of three panel discussions that took place over the course of the event.

The "Voice of the Chiefs," Mitch Holthus, introducing Will Shields at the opening reception of #Chiefs fantasy camp. — Pete Sweeney (@pgsween) August 26, 2015

Panel Discussions

Opening Reception Panel 1

Dante Hall, Christian Okoye and Will Shields

Opening Reception Panel 2

John Dorsey, Nick Lowery, Jan Stenerud and Dick Vermeil

Day 2 Lunchtime Panel

Trent Green, Tim Grunhard and Clark Hunt

"The opening ceremony was just a time to introduce all the players and allowed us to get to know some of the participants and they us," Okoye said. "I had a great time, talking back and forth with Tim Grunhard, of course, my teammate."

Okoye joined a list that included Grunhard, Green, Hall, Shields, Shawn Barber, Anthony Davis, Eddie Kennison, Nick Lowery and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud as honorary team captains.

After the panel discussions and an auction to pick your own team captain, the camp participants were welcomed to the field, where they could play catch under the Arrowhead Stadium lights.

Day two of camp started with breakfast, followed by the picking of teams.

Once all the participants had a team, they went down into the "film room," where Dick Vermeil broke down old tape from when he was still the head coach of the Chiefs.

"People ask me all the time if I miss coaching," Vermeil told the group to start it off. Then, smiling, he said, "I don't miss the bad days."

Vermeil went on to explain that he didn't long to coach again, but he missed the people, and he was happy that he could coach the group there for the next 45 minutes of time.

Upon Vermeil dismissing the participants, they hit the field for a skills competition, with which the seeding for a 7-on-7 flag football tournament would be determined.

There were several stations, including quarterback accuracy with Trent Green, route running with Eddie Kennison and field goal kicking with Jan Stenerud.

The participants took a break during the skills competition to have lunch, during which Holthus hosted an on-stage panel featuring chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, Green and Grunhard.

The group talked about the Chiefs outlook for 2015 and Hunt, while acknowledging that preseason games held no impact on the results of the season, explained that he had been gratified to see the 2-0 start.

When lunch concluded, the group returned to the Arrowhead Stadium field to finish the remainder of the skills competition.

For Shields, who manned the lineman station with Grunhard, fantasy camp marked his first trip back to Arrowhead Stadium as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Typically a soft-spoken person, he admitted it was peculiar for him to get so much special attention.

"It's strange," he said. "As an offensive lineman, you usually don't get all the accolades and the praise … it adds a little value to what you put the hard work and sweat into, and it sort of gives you that ending that all the hard work was worth it."

Once the skills competition was over and the teams were seeded, the participants gathered in the locker room for one final push from Vermeil.

The next step was running out to the Arrowhead Stadium field for the 7-on-7 flag football tournament.



An eight-team tournament for the fantasy camp trophy came down to Green's "Perfect 10s" taking on Okoye's "Nigerian Nightmares."

Of course, it could only end in dramatic fashion.

With Green's squad up by one touchdown, Okoye's "Nightmares" had to throw to the end zone as the tournament clock ticked down with less than 10 seconds.

With no time left on the clock, the "Nightmares" caught the ball in the end zone off a tip to force sudden death overtime.

About 12 yards from the touchdown marker on third down of overtime, Zack Dyer, the quarterback for the "Nightmares" and a former quarterback for the Kansas Jayhawks, took matters into his own hands.

The final play. Christian Okoye's "Nigerian Nightmares" defeat Trent Green's "Perfect 10s" in sudden death OT. — Pete Sweeney (@pgsween) August 26, 2015

Dyer ran for the end zone with Green in an unfamiliar role at Arrowhead Stadium—on defense.

"He decided to take off and run, so we had to come up and make a play," Green described with a beaming smile. "It took every ounce of my being [not to hit him out of bounds] because I knew when he dropped his head and was diving for the pylon, I said the only way I have to do this is knock him out of bounds at the 1 or the 2 to force a down."

Holthus thought that perhaps that's where the ball should have been placed anyway and joked that it was a fantasy camp play that would live forever in infamy.

"It's very controversial," he lightheartedly said. "If Trent had pads on, I think he was going to light him up at the 1-yard line and we're still playing if that's the case. It is controversy and the controversy will live on forever."

Regardless, Dyer was credited with the touchdown and Okoye's "Nightmares" walked off with the fantasy camp championship.

"It felt good," Okoye said. "I didn't think I was going to help my team, but when I saw Trent playing, I had to jump in there even though I was no help. I'm very proud of my team. They did a great job."

Green, for the second time in as many tries, lost in the finals.

"I feel like the Buffalo Bills of the 90s," he teased. "We're going to try to get back to the finals again next year and ultimately win it."

As Green alluded to, next year, the Chiefs will host their third annual fantasy camp, and then, no matter who wins the tournament, fans will get to meet some of their heroes, old teammates will reminisce and most importantly, more funds will be raised for a good cause.

At camp's end, Holthus probably put it best.

"If Lamar Hunt could see this, he'd be so incredibly proud, not only of Clark and his other kids, but also just what this has become."

Fantasy Camp Awards

Best Hands

Amanda Gartner

Best Placekicker

Brandon McCammon

Best Halfback

Zack Dyer

Best Punt Returner

Scott Hubbard

Best Quarterback

Tom Farinacci

Best Route Runner

Amanda Gartner

Best Blocker

Vic Montgomery

Best Football IQ

Alaina Lamphear

Most Valuable Player

Nate Bukaty

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