Chiefs GM John Dorsey Opens Up About Possibility of Draft-Day Trade

With 10 draft picks in total, could the Chiefs be on the move again this year?

It's the goal of every NFL personnel staff to be forced into tough decisions when having to trim down their roster to just 53 players at the conclusion of the preseason. 

The deeper the roster, the more difficult the decisions.

So, when you build a roster that's as deep and talented as what the Kansas City Chiefs currently have right now, the notion of trying to fit more players into that is both exciting, as well as difficult.

Heading into this weekend's draft, the Chiefs have a total of 10 selections, which is more than any other draft in the past four years under general manager John Dorsey and company.

With a team that's won 43 regular-season games over the past four years, which ranks among the most in the league, the fact that they have this much firepower just adds to the intrigue of what this weekend could ultimately become.

With a deep and talented roster already, the question naturally becomes, "Do the Chiefs have enough room for 10 more players?"

It wouldn't make sense to draft a player who doesn't have a legitimate shot at making the roster.

"I like to have a lot of picks because you can do a lot of things with a lot of picks," Dorsey explained to the media last Friday during his pre-draft press conference, adding intrigue to the possibility using some of those picks to trade up.

In four years leading the Chiefs through the draft, Dorsey has made a total of four draft-day trades, moving up twice and moving back twice.

Last year, the Chiefs made a trade with the San Francisco 49ers that dropped them out of the first round—from the No. 28 overall pick to No. 37, which they used on defensive lineman Chris Jones, who was nothing short of fantastic as a rookie.

The Chiefs picked up two additional selections in that trade with the 49ers, and they used them on offensive lineman Parker Ehinger (No. 105 overall) and cornerback D.J. White (No. 178 overall).

Before his injury, Ehinger earned the starting left guard position, and White found his way onto the field at cornerback and on special teams.

Overall, it was a great trade for the Chiefs.


When asked about the possibility of making a draft-day trade for the third straight year, Dorsey said all options are on the table.

"We're always going to do our due diligence," he noted. "We have to do that, and I think that's what good clubs do. You have to see every option available before you make that pick, either going up, going back, or staying put."

After his Friday presser, Dorsey provided more detail about what that due diligence looks like.

"We exercise all the way up to No. 1, all the way down to No. 32, and just see different scenarios of what it takes to move back, or move up," Dorsey explained.

Dorsey and his staff will know the potential cost and gain of trading up or back to each spot in the first round before Thursday night.

All the work is done ahead of time.


In assessing the value of all the different trade scenarios, Dorsey has said there are dozens of trade value charts being used by different teams are the league right now, and for him, the cost and benefit vary from year to year.

"It's the art of the deal, and communication," Dorsey added. "It all depends on what the value of the asset is."

In a draft that's deeper and has more talent, the value of those later picks may be higher, which might then require less of an asset trade up, and the same goes the other way as well. 

These are the kinds of discussions taking place inside the Chiefs' offices right now, and by the time Thursday rolls around, it's just about executing the plan. Many of the decisions and discussions have already been made and taken place. 

While he knows the decisions he and his staff will have to make in the future will become more difficult after they add to their talent pool this weekend, Dorsey likes what the Chiefs' roster looks like right now and what adding to it means in the bigger picture.

"We talk about competitive balance, and I think every position across the board has competition," Dorsey explained. "I think these guys understand that competition brings out the best of them. I think coach [Andy] Reid has always said – and I agree with it – 'No spot is guaranteed.'

"You go in and compete for that spot if you're a young buck, and if you get it, then you've earned it. That's how we go about it."

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