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Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Provides Various Updates on the Chiefs

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid met with the media at the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis

The Super Bowl was played just a mere two and a half weeks ago, but in Indianapolis, the excitement leading up to the upcoming NFL season has already begun with the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine.

"It's kind of the first opportunity that we have as a complete organization to come down and look at the all of the players," Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said in his first media address of the calendar year. "The coaches now have an opportunity to come down and watch [the players] run around a little bit and most of all, an opportunity to talk to them."

Reid, who admitted he had a knee replacement this offseason, said that he was in good health and getting healthier, and the same could be said about some of his players who we last heard were dealing with injuries.

Quarterback Alex Smith?

"He's doing well. He's relaxing with family. Spleen's good so he's getting himself ready for the coming year."

Defensive leaders Mike DeVito and Derrick Johnson?

"They're doing well. The neat thing to watch is they work out together and challenge each other rehabbing together and so they push each other. Heck, both of them might be in the best shape of their lives right now."

Offensive lineman Jeff Allen?

"I think he'll be fine as we go, too. Working hard."

Reid even had recent news on safety Eric Berry to share.

Current Chiefs at the NFL combine throughout the years.

"I texted with him and he's doing well," he said. "He says he's definitely headed in the right direction as far as the actual medical part of it goes. His spirit is strong and he's a stud any way you look at it and he's got to fight that.

"He's got a special place in my heart for sure."

In addition to providing all those injury updates, Reid commented on the news yesterday that the organization released Donnie Avery and waived A.J. Jenkins.

"I appreciate both those guys-- Donnie (Avery) and A.J. (Jenkins)," he said. "Two different situations-- one guy is a little bit younger than the other guy and Donnie has had a lot of good years in the National Football League. Hopefully he continues to have good years. I'm pulling for him.

"A.J. is just learning and so, he'll continue to do that and hopefully hooks up with somebody and has that opportunity."

With two receivers now to replace, the Chiefs are in the right place as many have said that 2015 draft will be especially strong at that position.

When asked specifically about it, Reid compared it to the luxury he felt he had last season at the tight end position.

"You can't have enough of those guys," Reid said. "You'd sure like to be fully loaded from that standpoint."

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