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Chiefs Help Local Girl Scouts Earn Play 60 Badge

The offensive line helped the girls learn about healthy lifestyle

Jeff Allen, Zach Fulton, Mitch Morse, Jah Reid and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line went to the Arrowhead Stadium Sports Lab Tuesday afternoon to assist local Girl Scouts in their quest to attain a Play 60 patch.

"This was a great opportunity to bring the Girl Scouts to Arrowhead today," said Gina Garvon, the Girl Scouts chief brand and marketing officer. "It's perfect between the holiday break and a great way for them to learn more about health and nutrition."


Girl Scouts troops from Kansas and Missouri along with members of the Chiefs offensive line visited the Chiefs Sports Lab this afternoon.


After the girls were introduced to the players, the Chiefs Sports Lab staff split them into groups. To earn the patch, the girls needed to complete a scavenger hunt alongside one of the offensive linemen.

"We had a scavenger hunt with different troops, different Girl Scouts and we learned about the human body and what it does," Allen explained. "My team won of course. We went through it pretty fast and actually, I learned a lot from the girls. They were pretty intelligent, pretty educated for such young girls."

When the scavenger hunt was over, the girls were invited to share a healthy snack with the Chiefs, and then they were given their Play 60 patches.


"For a girl scout, there's nothing like a patch," Garvon added, "and so when they complete those skill sets and those skills, they get to get a patch that they can put on their sash or vest."

Once all the girls had their new patches, they were taken on a tour of Arrowhead Stadium.

"I think any time the girl scouts get an opportunity to go behind the scenes, to spend some time with some really cool community individuals, is awesome," Garvon said. "There's nothing like going and being a part and being with the Chiefs offensive line. That was awesome."

The Chiefs Sports Lab, installed in 2010, has served as a great Play 60 experience for students, scout groups and youth teams.

With more than 20,000 visitors annually, the Sports Lab showcases many components of the Play 60 initiative in a fun and engaging manner. In the spring of 2014, the Chiefs Play 60 team launched a brand new NFL Play 60 Scout Patch program that is the first of its kind. Participating Scouts will earn the Chiefs branded Play 60 patch for their uniform.

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