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Chiefs' Jarvis Jenkins and Bills' Shaq Lawson's Relationship Runs Deep

And it begins in Central, S.C.

D.W. Daniel High School in Central, S.C. has become a hub for producing not only Clemson talent, but NFL talent after Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Jarvis Jenkins paved the way.

And for the next decade, the streams of talent would flow.

Houston Texans' DeAndre Hopkins, Cincinnati Bengals' Deshawn Williams and then finally Buffalo Bills' Shaq Lawson.

While there's a bit of an age gap between Jenkins and Lawson, thanks to the small town, their families have been friends since they can remember.

"My dad and his dad were really good friends growing up, played basketball and all that stuff together," Jenkins explained.

And their relationship only continued from there.

"My dad actually worked with his dad for like 15 years," Jenkins said. "My dad had two jobs and his dad had a couple jobs and they worked at the same place. He [Lawson] was always coming to our house."

Jenkins recalled when he was in high school running around the city and seeing a very small Lawson dribbling around his basketball.

"He was a smaller kid and just trying to play basketball and fit in," Jenkins said.

But when Jenkins left for Clemson that all changed.

"That's when he shoots up to like 6'3'' in ninth grade," Jenkins laughed.

As Jenkins was getting ready to leave Clemson, that's when Lawson started getting recruited and eventually committed to Clemson.

"It surprised me once I went to the league and saw him as a freshman at Clemson and how hot they were talking about him," Jenkins said.

Lawson wasn't the small boy with the basketball anymore.

"He matured and came into a young man as a dominant player," Jenkins explained. "And obviously he got drafted in the right spot in the first round. He's just one of those guys that turned it on when he had to."

Lawson's had to turn it on a few times through the adversity he faced on his journey to the NFL, which first started on the second day of the 2011 draft.

Family and friends, including Lawson's family, gathered to watch the name "Jarvis Jenkins" scroll across television screens as a second-round draft choice of the Washington Redskins.

Lawson had planned on leaving with his father when an attendee at the watch party convinced him to stay.

Lawson's father and mother ended up in a car accident, which his father didn't survive.

Before going to Clemson, he then had to take a detour to Hargrave Military Academy for an extra semester to finish some course work.

"But he made it through everything," Jenkins said. "Shaq [Lawson] is one of those guys that you're proud of seeing someone younger than you trying to do the same thing and then exceed what you do."

The talent that has come through D.W. Daniel High School now comes back every summer to give back to the place it all started.

Once Hopkins was in the NFL, he joined Jenkins to host a football camp for their high school.

Williams joined next soon to be followed by Lawson to complete their Alumni Football Camp.

"It's good for the kids to know who we are in person and show them we're still the same person and that we want them to get where we are," Jenkins explained.

Besides the camp, Jenkins and Lawson also go back to South Carolina to see their moms, who now live three doors down from each other.

"I just bought my mom a house when I came out of the draft and he recently bought his mom a house," Jenkins explained. "It's a good thing to see both of the families do well and see what we accomplished to help them out."

And of course that allows for the families to continue their friendship with a touch of NFL rivalry.

As the Chiefs get ready to play the Bills on Sunday, Jenkins has been brewing up his text message for Lawson.

"You know I'm getting that jersey after the game," Jenkins laughed.

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