Chiefs LB Justin Houston: "We're trying to make history"

Houston and the Chiefs defense dominated on Saturday

Whenever there's a statistic or record that's followed with the tag of "in more than a decade," particularly when talking about a playoff performance, that's pretty impressive.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, the 30-0 shutout of the Houston Texans on Saturday was the first shutout in a playoff game in more than a decade.

"I guess it's a good deal," safety Eric Berry said of the feat after the game. "We wanted to come in and get a win. We wanted to come in and dominate."

We're talking about the best teams in football and one of them can't put a single point on the board because the other team is beating them at every level of the defense.

That's what happened on Saturday.

The domination by the Chiefs defense started in the trenches. Allen Bailey, Jaye Howard, Dontari Poe and Mike DeVito led the way by controlling the line of scrimmage and getting pressure on Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer throughout the game.

"Any time you can get to the quarterback and put pressure on him or make him uncomfortable in the pocket, you can create turnovers," linebacker Justin Houston said after the game.

"I think we did a good job, but the interior guys did a great job."

The 5 turnovers made the difference in the game, but they were only possible because the guys up front controlled the running game.

Besides one play in which running back Alfred Blue got loose for 49 yards (which accounted for 22 percent of the Texans total offense), the rest of the day belonged to the guys up front for the Chiefs. 

There was so much talk going into the game about the pass rush from both teams, highlighting Houston, Tamba Hali and Dee Ford for the Chiefs.


They made impacts and affected Hoyer inside of the pocket, but it was the interior guys who were cleaning up the mess and racking up the sacks.

Howard finished with 1 sack and Bailey with 2, one of which also led to a fumble, as he put left tackle Chris Clark on skates and drove him back into Hoyer's arm. That caused the fumble and Poe recovered.

With all that pressure and the fact that the score basically made the Texans offense one-dimensional as the game grew on, the situation lent itself to guys pinning their ears back and getting after the quarterback.

When a team has a defensive coordinator like Bob Sutton dialing up the kind of talent the Chiefs have on defense, the result is something that hasn't happened in more than a decade: a goose egg.

"It's not a surprise to us," Houston said. "We're on a mission. We've had the same goal since day one."

Arguably the biggest of the 5 turnovers for the Texans came inside of the 5-yard line of the Chiefs, and it ultimately became the best opportunity for the Texans to put points on the boar

Just one play after J.J. Watt attempted a run out of a special goal-line package, which also featured another defensive player in nose tackle Vince Wilfork, Hoyer faced a second-and-goal from the 3-yard line. The result of that gimmicky play was a loss of a yard.


On second down, it was Poe's pressure up the middle that made linebacker Josh Mauga's end of the deal much easier.

"It was just a bad decision," Hoyer recalled of that interception. "I've got to be smarter about that play. I saw (Alfred) Blue flash and I've got to know better than you know - someone at my feet, just be smart and throw it out of the back of the end zone.

"It was a dumb decision. It definitely took points off the board and that's on me."

His decision put the ball right into the hands of Mauga, who was standing on the goal line and then returned it 20 yards and got the Chiefs defense out of harm's way.

"Our defense has been a rock for us this season," rookie receiver Chris Conley said after the game on Chiefs Rewind. "They've been consistent in every game. They've been able to step up and make big plays even in situations where it looks like the other team is about to score.

"That was evident today keeping them off the scoreboard. Props to those guys."

That would be the only time the Texans offense got inside of the red zone.

"We were just aggressive," rookie cornerback Marcus Peters said. "We wanted to go out there and just play our style of football. We wanted to get after the quarterback and make our plays in the backfield."

Peters has continued to make plays in the backfield and was singled out during the week by Texans star receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who then even went as far as letting Peters know during pregame warmups that he wanted to match up with him.

The result was one of the lowest yardage totals of Hopkins' season.

The recent style of football for the Chiefs has now resulted in 11 straight wins, and Saturday's victory broke an eight-game consecutive losing streak in the playoffs.

But the current players aren't focused on that, and they didn't let any of that talk all last week get in the way of what they're trying to accomplish.

"That's the past," Houston said. "This is the future and we're trying to make history."

Postgame facts and stats from the Chiefs Wild Card victory over the Houston Texans

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