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Chiefs Linebackers Help Move 30,000 Pounds of Protein for "Lift Up America"

Tuesday marked the 12th annual event

Kansas City Chiefs president Mark Donovan, general manager John Dorsey, the Chiefs linebacker group and a semi-truck holding nearly 35,000 pounds of high-quality protein.

That was the scene Tuesday afternoon outside of Arrowhead Stadium as the Chiefs participated in the 12th annual “Lift Up America” day.


Donovan explained how the Chiefs started this tradition more than a decade ago.

"It was something that started with Dave Hannah, the head of Lift Up America," Donovan said. "He called Clark Hunt 14 years ago. He said, 'I've got this crazy idea, can you help me out?' Clark was part of the pilot program. Today, we've delivered almost 20 million meals across all of America, so it's a program we're very excited to be a part of."

To assist with the "Lift Up America" movement in Kansas City, Tyson donated the more than 30,000 pounds of protein and Harvesters helped facilitate the delivery.

"It is so important when different organizations come together in the fight against hunger," said Valerie Nicholson-Watson, the president and CEO of Harvesters. "What we've found is that when we're able to partner with other organizations, we're able to do bigger things much like [Tuesday's] distribution."

Nearly 40 trucks equipped with volunteers came to Arrowhead as the Chiefs linebackers provided the muscle needed to move all of the food.

"It feels good to impact my community," Derrick Johnson, who's been with the Chiefs his entire career, said. "This is the community I've been in for 11 years now so I'm a part of this community and we have to take care of it. The Chiefs organization is a big part of this community and to give back to the less fortunate, what better way to do it than on your days off or the time that you have off from playing football to people who really need it."

The Blue Valley Northwest High School football team also joined in the moving process.

The Kansas City Chiefs teamed up with Harvesters and Tyson to donate over 30,000 pounds of protein to those in need.

"What is a community but a reflection of its people?" Dorsey said. "What you have here today is 60 organizations through the Metropolitan area, as well as the high school football members, all giving back to that community which they love to be a part of.

"That's why I'm out here as well."

For more information on Lift Up America, click***here***.

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