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Chiefs Mailbag 9/11: Will Jamaal Charles get 2,000 Combined Yards This Season?

Chiefs reporter BJ Kissel answers the questions submitted by Chiefs Kingdom

We asked you to submit your questions and now we're here to answer them.

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Big Pete from Oceanside, New York: Hey BJ, with the new receiving corps this year, what are the chances for Jamaal Charles to rack up over 2000 yards between rushing and receiving, and how many TD passes will Alex Smith have?

Pete, it'd be nice if Charles was able to put up those kind of numbers.

It'd be the first time in his career he'd have at least 2,000 yards rushing and receiving combined. His best year in that regard was 2013, when he put up 1,980. But with an improved offensive line and some added weapons on the outside, there's no reason to believe Charles won't have the best year of his career in 2015.

He's healthy and the offense has been clicking during the preseason, I like his chances.

Smith's best year in terms of touchdown passes also came in 2013, when he had 23.

So I'll say at least 24!

Kevin from Salina: How does a person that does not live in KC get a Chief's Kingdom flag?

Kevin, we'll have signed flag giveaways next week if you're following @Chiefs on twitter!

*Dez from Los Angeles: From what you've seen in practices/games and gathered from the coaches, what has been the most improved aspect of RB Charcandrick West's game from last year to this year? *

Dez, Charcandrick is playing much faster this year than he has in the past. It's something I've talked about with him and Jamaal Charles as well, as he's kind of taken West under his wing from all the way back at OTAs, when West was staying at his house.

He told me it's his comfortability in the offense and knowing what he's doing that's allowing him to think less and react more. He's got plenty of speed and Mitch Holthus and I were talking about that even back at OTAs—that West seemed to have more of a burst this season.

It just translated to the games and that's when you knew he kind of took that next step.

*Bruce from Fort Walton: What do you really make of this offensive line? *

Bruce, it's the best five guys we have to take on the Texans. It's an athletic group that should be able to get out in space against a Texans defense that's pretty stout up front.


*Damarius from Tarboro: How effective do you see De'Anthony Thomas being as he's missed most of the preseason? *

Damarius, special teams coach Dave Toub talked about this on Thursday during his press conference. He said Thomas looks good and is hitting it like they want him to.

From what I've seen at practice, he's moving around well.

The most important thing for Thomas was not trying to rush him back from something like a calf injury, especially for a player whose game is built around speed.

*Aleq from Winona: Do you see teams trying to pick on Marcus Peters while Sean Smith is out, or to look elsewhere for big plays? *

Aleq, from the number of plays I've seen Peters make at practice, I'd be surprised if teams went consistently after Peters. All of his teammates have described him like a "three or four-year NFL veteran" by the way he's carried himself and picked things up.

He's a young player and will naturally be tested, but he's also a playmaker and thus, it won't take long before the rest of Chiefs Kingdom gets to see what we have at practice.

I can't wait for his first game-changing play. Andrew from Wichita: In our first game at Houston what is the Chiefs biggest task in defending the Texans offense?

Andrew, it's always about stopping the run. Whether it's high school football or the NFL, the goal is to try and create third-and-long situations and make an opposing offense one-dimensional.

The Texans have a young quarterback in Brian Hoyer. He's only started 17 games in his career and he's going up against one of the elite pass rushing teams in the NFL.

If the Chiefs can slow down the running game led by Alfred Blue, they should find some success.

A look inside of practice preparing for the week one game against the Houston Texans.

*Christopher from East Rutherford: BJ, in your opinion, can the Chiefs win the AFC West this season? *

Christopher, yes. This is arguably the best roster they've had since John Dorsey and Andy Reid took over three years ago, and they've put up 20 regular season wins during that time.

There's something special going on with this team, and they're going to raise the level this season.

Ramiro from Kansas City: How do you feel about our depth at receiver? And the move with our tackles, Stephenson LT and Fisher RT?

Ramiro, I love the young receivers on this team. It's tough for us because we get to see these guys make plays every day and we're always a little ahead of what the fans get to witness.

Reid and company love what they've seen from this group as well—guys on the active roster like Albert Wilson, Frankie Hammond, De'Anthony Thomas and Chris Conley.

The offensive line was obviously an area the Chiefs made a concerted effort to improve this offseason with the moves they made and the commitment they gave to that position. They traded for Ben Grubbs and used their No. 2 pick on Mitch Morse.

There isn't a single starter heading into Sunday's game against the Texans that's the same as last year. I feel like the group they've put out there for this game is one they truly believe in, and considering they haven't played together before and they're facing a tough Texans front seven, we'll know a lot more on Monday.

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