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Chiefs Mailbag 9/18

Answering some questions from Chiefs Kingdom.

Let's answer a few questions that Chiefs fans submitted this week.

*Bryan from Kansas City asks: When do we start giving a little credit to Eric Fisher? *

Coach Reid spoke about Fisher's performance on Monday and said he thought he "did a nice job" and that the left side of the offensive line "wasn't something they worried about."

If I've learned anything from my two months around coach Reid, it's that he says what he means and means what he says. When he credits a player, they've earned it.

Fisher had a tough task against DeMarcus Ware but held his own and showed the kind of development you want to see from a young player. It's not like he's going to turn into Willie Roaf over night, but consistent improvement is what you want to see and people who watched every play of his against the Broncos, not just a few, saw the development of a player who is improving.

That's all you can ask for right now.

William from Maysville asks: Do you think the Chiefs are headed in the right direction to be a Super Bowl contender in a few years?

I believe there's enough talent on this team to beat any team in the NFL on any given Sunday. While they aren't perfect, that's true for any NFL team. Every team has things they want to improve upon and it's about continuously getting better and not having the same mistakes week after week.

This organization led by General Manager John Dorsey has stated they will build through the draft, and then they will develop that talent.

It doesn't happen overnight and while everyone is looking for the quick fix, the players and coaching staff are just focused on getting better each day. Led by head coach Andy Reid, there's plenty of reason to believe the team will continue to get better and get closer to achieving their goal, which is winning a Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs practice at the outdoor training facility on September 17, 2014 for their upcoming away game vs the Dolphins.


Jes from Palmdale asks: What would be the best personnel for this team in goal line situations? **

Great question! The answer really depends on the team you are playing against. Coordinators on both sides of the ball are really just playing a chess match with personnel groups, and they're each trying to take advantage of areas they feel is an advantage for their team.

The offense is always at the advantage because they determine the personnel on the field for the defense. But knowing that every defense is vulnerable to certain offensive plays or areas, defenses will often try and take certain things away from an offense. Defensive calls are just as much about what you can live with getting beat by as they are about what you're trying to force.

To answer the questions, the best goal line personnel against the Broncos might not be the same as it is against the Dolphins because they have different personnel.

Generally speaking, the early part of the game is showmanship between the two sides and how they plan to attack certain personnel groups and formations.

That's something to watch for throughout the game if you enjoy deciphering the chess match being played between coaches.

Nick from Colorado asks: Will Dee Ford be a starter this season?

It's tough to use a traditional depth chart anymore to determine who is starting and who isn't. It depends what offensive personnel a team has out on the field.

For example, if an offense comes out with four wide receivers and one running back, that'll be a different defensive personnel group than if they had two tight ends, two receivers and one running back. So it really depends what the opposing offense is trying to do.

Right now, Ford continues to learn from Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, two Pro Bowl outside linebackers starting in front of him. The Chiefs have found ways to get Ford onto the field in certain personnel groups in the first two games, which is something to watch moving forward.

Kia from Seattle asks: Chiefs did a good job of not giving up the big play against the Broncos, do you think the defense can keep that up?

Besides the opening play, the Broncos spent the majority of their time like they normally do: throwing underneath passes and relying on yards after the catch. The Chiefs defensive backs did a good job of keeping those to smaller gains and tackling out in space.

The Dolphins like to take their shots down the field with Mike Wallace so it's something they'll have to pay attention to this week. With new faces on the defensive side of the ball, there's every reason to believe they'll get better the more time they spend with one another.

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