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Chiefs Mailbag: London 2015?

Answering questions from Chiefs Kingdom

Brandon from Kansas City: The London game sucks for season ticket holders. Why should we be happy about this?


Nobody expected fans to be happy about losing a home game. It's taking away a game from fans that have built a reputation as the best in the NFL, and there's no way to put that nicely.

But this is coming from a "bigger picture" point of view. That's where Mark Donovan was coming from this morning, in my opinion. It's building the global brand of the Kansas City Chiefs, but also the NFL as it continues to feed a market overseas that is rapidly absorbing it. 

The Chiefs have always been a forward-thinking organization going all the way back to the beginning of its existence. But looking beyond the disappointment of losing a home game, this is a pretty cool opportunity for the Chiefs, although that doesn't help many right now.

Michael from Russellville: Will the Chiefs make the playoffs?

Last year, the San Diego Chargers made the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

With a 5-3 start to the season and winning five of the last six games, there's reason to feel optimistic about the Chiefs chances at returning to the playoffs. The most important thing right now is beating a very good Buffalo Bills team.

Earnest from Hollywood: Will the Chiefs re-sign Allen Bailey?

Every time I have spoken with defensive coordinator Bob Sutton about Bailey, going all the way back to training camp, he's raved about Bailey's development.

We've seen Bailey become an every-down defensive end this season, much unlike the nickel or dime situational pass-rushing defensive tackle like we often saw in the past.

The moves general manager John Dorsey has made since taking over here in Kansas City have brought the biggest turnaround in franchise history, which happened last season and a start to this season that, with all of the injuries in mind, should be applauded as well.

It'd make sense for the Chiefs to re-sign Bailey given he's praised anytime his name is discussed.

A look into practice on Wednesday, getting prepared for the Bills.


Sully from Virginia: With all of the injuries and the team playing as well as they have, what does it say about the job John Dorsey is doing here in Kansas City?

I think the job he's done speaks for itself.

Since the Chiefs have won five of their last six games, all while overcoming the injuries they suffered early in this season, it's a remarkable job by not just Dorsey, but this coaching staff in developing these guys to be ready to play whenever their name is called.

Tyler from Lee's Summit: When is a wide receiver finally going to catch a touchdown?

Travis Kelce's touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers had him lined up out wide like a receiver, but that's not what you meant, I'm sure.

The Chiefs offense has been efficient with the plan they've had, and Alex Smith has said he's not really concerned or thinking about intentionally getting the ball to a specific position throughout the course of the game. The offense takes whatever the defense allows on a given play, which has worked well so far.

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