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Chiefs Mailbag: Most Underrated Chief?

Answering questions from Chiefs Kingdom

You asked, I answer.

Zach from Lee's Summit: Who is the most underrated person on the field for the Chiefs?

Simple. Andy Reid.


Mark from Syracuse: How is quarterback Aaron Murray progressing in practice?

I spoke with Aaron a couple of weeks ago and wrote this feature, but he said his knee is feeling much better and he's taking advantage of the time he has around the veteran leaders at quarterback on this Chiefs roster.

The more time he has to see what Alex Smith does in game situations throughout the season combined with the work he's putting in week in and week out and Murray is learning the process of a successful NFL quarterback.

He's sharp and is getting healthier by the week, so I'd say he's progressing nicely from what I've seen and heard from him.

Kenny from Minden, Louisiana: Is there any chance the Chiefs make a run at Santonio Holmes? Would he be a good fit?

They've had plenty of opportunities to bring in veteran receivers over the past several months and they've consistently said they're going to bring along younger players and develop players they already have. That's the organizational philosophy.

Just last week against the Bills, undrafted rookie receiver Albert Wilson helped Anthony Sherman make one of the biggest plays of the game in the tackle and forced fumble of Bills punt returner Leodis McKelvin on that fourth-quarter play.

The transition from special teams to the field has worked for several key Chiefs this season, including rookie cornerback Phillip Gaines, who has played well for the Chiefs in both areas. 

You might see players like Frankie Hammond, De'Anthony Thomas and Albert Wilson take on a larger role if veterans Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins aren't able to play a certain number of snaps. All three of those players have been here since training camp and they know the system, which can't be overstated.

Joe from Louisville: Why don't the Chiefs use more three tight end sets? They seem to have defenses on their heels there.

There isn't an offensive formation or play that can't be taken away from a particular defensive call. The Chiefs have been successful on offense with using a lot of different formations and packages. If you use the same thing over and over, eventually teams will adapt and stop that particular option.

With the injury to Demetrius Harris, you might see fullback Anthony Sherman line up as a tight end in some of those formations like you did against the Bills.

The Chiefs new tight end, Phillip Supernaw, might also factor in there on Sunday. It's definitely something to watch.

Kansas City Chiefs practice in the indoor practice facility on November 12, 2014 in preparation for their upcoming sunday game vs the Seahawks


Dean from Canada: Who is the really running the offense: Andy Reid or Doug Pederson?

Coach Reid is in charge of the offense, but there are things that Pederson is in charge of within the game plan on offense as well.

A few weeks ago after the game against the San Diego Chargers, Reid praised Pederson’s ability to put together a two-minute game plan that set up Cairo Santos' 48-yard game-winning field goal.

"I'll give that to Doug Pederson," Reid said of the final drive. "I thought he did a heck of a job of putting together a great two-minute [drive]. The plays, the coaching part of it—we put a little extra emphasis on it and Doug (Pederson) headed that whole thing up. He really did a nice job there."

So while Reid does most of the play calling on game day, the installation of the game plan and the preparation throughout the week has Pederson with plenty of responsibility. Based on his comments about that Chargers game, Pederson was in charge of the game-winning drive.  

Paul from Seattle: How do the Chiefs plan on stopping the NFL's No. 1 rushing attack?

They don't tend to give away their game plan during press conferences or interviews, although I'm sure it will come down to physicality, considering the Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch are extremely physical and that's not a secret.

Brad from Kansas City: What was the best part of the win in Buffalo?

For me, it was watching Alex Smith's reaction after his touchdown run in the fourth quarter. He's not always the most animated guy on the field, but there was something a little extra on that one.

The offense grinded for so long in that game and that play was the culmination of a gusty win on the road against an underrated Bills team.

Troy from Abilene: What's the matchup to watch on Sunday?

Dwayne Bowe and Richard Sherman.

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