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Chiefs' New Cornerback Darrelle Revis Prepares to Face Former Team

Revis spent eight of his 10 years in the NFL with the New York Jets

The calm confidence radiates from him as he straightforwardly answers questions he had to know were coming.

Darrelle Revis—the Kansas City Chiefs' newest cornerback—spoke Thursday afternoon with the local media about his return to the field, which poetically, will take place on a field he knows very well.

The Chiefs travel to take on the New York Jets on Sunday and they look to get back on the winning track after dropping three-straight.

"We have a long history," Revis smiled when talking about the Jets. "I had an awesome time there. Great guys, great teammates, and coaches that I've been around there. Most of my legacy was with the Jets."

Revis spent eight of his 10 years in the league to this point with the Jets, where he rightfully earned a reputation as one of the league's elite defensive players—earning three of his four All-Pro honors (2009-11) in his career during his time with the team.

Since 2007, Revis has a quarterback rating throwing at him of just 64.5 percent, which ranks among the best in the league. He also has 29 interceptions and 137 passes defensed in his career.

And even though many of the headlines on both sides this week will feature his name, Revis isn't making this week about himself or his history with the Jets.

"I don't think anything personally, I'm just on another team," Revis explained. "This is my fourth ball club throughout my career, now I'm focused on our team goals and what we're trying to do here as a team."

It's barely been a week that Revis has been with the team, but he sees progress in where he's at right now compared to when he first arrived in Kansas City.

"I think (Wednesday) was probably my best day, where I felt most comfortable with the play calls," Revis explained. "For the most part, it's getting out there with the guys and getting the chemistry. I haven't been part of a team in a whole year. For me, it's just been taking a step back, learning everybody's personalities, learning Coach Reid's personality and the coaching staff, and just really soaking it all in."

One guy who obviously knows about Revis is Chiefs' defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who held the same position with the Jets when Revis came into the league as the team's first-round pick in 2007.

"His attention to detail, his work ethic, his preparation—I mean, it was really unique," Sutton explained of what stood out back then about his new cornerback. "He could have been a great player without doing any of that because he's a really good talent, but he always wanted to be more than that and he worked very diligently at it and I think those are traits really to me that separated him."

While Revis, who is 32 years old, enters what could be seen as the twilight of his career, the mental acuity he brings to the cornerback position is one that Sutton think will help his game age well, given that he's in the kind of shape he's shown to be in through the first week or so with the Chiefs.

"He's a detailed guy," Sutton added. "He knows like the scout team receiver is supposed to split two yards outside the hash or two yards outside the numbers running the route, and [Revis] is going to go over and say, 'Hey, you don't run that route from that split.'

"That's his study and his preparation. He's a real smart football guy and I just think he does a tremendous job preparation-wise."

Sutton said the playbook and language are similar to what it was when they were together with the Jets, and that the learning curve for Revis shouldn't take long, adding that he's not really worried about that part of his game. It's more about the live reps needed that are only found in the game action.

"There's the reaction time that you can't duplicate till you're out there," Sutton added. "You can train, you can work out, you can do that, but you got to be able to see things in those instances and I think the more he plays, the more he practices, the better all that will become.

"I think he'll be able to operate pretty good."

When asked, Revis admitted that whenever he does find his way onto the field, that team's may try and challenge him to see where he's at after sitting out the first 11 games of the 2017 season.

"At this point, I wouldn't put it past any team or any offensive coordinator," Revis noted. "Their game plan is what their game plan is. We have to focus on ours and execute as a defense."

Although it has been only a week and he hasn't seen the game field yet, Revis has already impressed some of his other veteran teammates.

"I'm biased with the older guys," veteran Derrick Johnson laughed. "Revis is a guy whose knowledge is out the roof. He knows Sutton's defense—half of it already because he was in it (with the Jets). He was the best in the league at one time.

"So, trust me, he still has something left in him, and we could use him."

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