Chiefs OC Matt Nagy Impressed with Patrick Mahomes' Two-Minute Drill

The rookie first-round pick made a “phenomenal” throw to open it up

The Kansas City Chiefs' rookie first-round pick, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, had some flashy moments Saturday morning at practice, highlighted by a two-minute touchdown drive that drew plenty of applause from the crowd in attendance.

When Mahomes stepped under center during this 11-on-11 period, there was 1:58 on the clock and he was tasked with taking the offense 75 yards down the field. They were given just one timeout.

On the first play of the drive, Mahomes hit tight end Ross Travis across the middle for a huge gain.

"It was phenomenal," Nagy explained of that first throw from Mahomes. "I mean it was a great throw. He's used to that two-minute stuff, it helps him out and he's throwing with confidence."

Mahomes is no stranger to throwing the ball around.

As a junior at Texas Tech last year, Mahomes averaged throwing the ball 49.25 times per game, which helped him lead the nation with 5,052 yards passing with 41 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions.

"He's doing great," Nagy added of Mahomes. "I tell everybody from his very first practice when he came in and was screaming in the huddle what the play was and didn't realize he was talking to the defense too, to where he is right now—looking off safeties—is a huge leap."

Perhaps the best sign of Mahomes' development wasn't the throw to Travis or the back-to-back throws to running back C.J. Spiller that set up his touchdown run to cap off the drive, but it's the way in which he's handling everything being thrown at him.

"He's very calm," Nagy added. "You can't break him down. Coach [Reid] gets after him and every once in a while, I'll be looking out the corner of my eye to see if he's starting to break down, but he's doing great.

"And as of now, he's pretty unbreakable, but we'll see how it goes as this test goes on."

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