Chiefs Players Excited to Return to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday

It all starts on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium

The Kansas City Chiefs haven't lost a game at Arrowhead Stadium since October 18, 2015, which will be 337 days ago on Sunday.

And for the first time in their respective careers on Sunday—when they face the San Diego Chargers in the opening game of the 2016 regular season—14 different Chiefs players will run out of the tunnel at Arrowhead for the first time before a regular-season game.

It's a feeling they probably won't ever forget.

It's widely known as one of the best atmospheres in the NFL, and when members of the team spoke with the media on Wednesday afternoon following their walkthrough, there was little doubt as to how much they were all looking forward to feeling that feeling once again.

"I was telling the (young) guys this morning, 'Wait 'till you run out of Arrowhead on Sunday,'" veteran receiver Jeremy Maclin said to this talented rookie class. "It's a totally different feeling. It's a totally different vibe and speed. You're going to be opened up to a new world.

"I'm excited about seeing those guys progress—seeing the start of their journey, and hopefully it continues for a long time."


"I already know Arrowhead is going to be shaking," tight end Travis Kelce added. "We've been waiting since our first playoff win in forever just to get back on this field and get another shot at running for the title.

"I know (Chiefs Kingdom) is going to be ready and it's just up to us to make sure they're loud and proud like they always are."

Following three successful years to start the Andy Reid-John Dorsey-led era in Kansas City, the optimism may be at an all-time high for a team that's loaded with talent.

"I can only imagine the hype for this season, and the expectations that Chiefs Kingdom has for us, and certainly that we have for ourselves," Maclin said. "So I'm excited about giving these fans an opportunity to watch us play, and for us to show how much we appreciate that.

"Clearly, Arrowhead is the best place to play in the National Football League, so I'm excited about it."

After a successful preseason in which he completed 70 percent of his passes and led the offense to score on eight of his 11 drives, quarterback Alex Smith explained that while the young players must enjoy their first experience in a regular-season game, they're also needed to produce.

"It's the NFL and we go through this every year," Smith explained. "Young guys need to show up and play well. It's hard on them at times and it can be a lot to ask, but with the turnover and the nature of the league, it's every year these young guys are in a position where they need to contribute, and you need them."

So as the young players prepare for a game in which they don't yet know what to expect, Smith had some advice for them.

"It's important to trust the coaching and your eyes," Smith added. "You can't let your mind speed things up too much. If you go out and trust your training, it'll slow down for you."

Head coach Andy Reid had some advice as well.

"Everything's going to be a little faster than what it was in the preseason," Reid noted. "Defenses are going to be a little bit more complex, the offenses – from a defensive standpoint – they're going to be a little bit more complex, so make sure you get in, study and you kind of go through the preparation list that you have and follow it."

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